How to workout for free

Published on January 26, 2015 By Lauren

How to workout for free

Are you wanting to get back in shape but just don’t have the money to spend on a gym membership?  I am in the same position and as a busy working mom, I also don’t have much time.  I wanted to put together a post on how to workout for free, for not just you but for me too!

Here are the main issues that I always face when trying to workout at home with four young children:

How to workout for free

1.) Time. I can never find the time to do it. I am NOT a morning person, but I am starting to think that the only way that I am going to get in shape is if I force my body to wake up (AKA, setting my alarm early enough so I get sick of hitting the snooze button.)

2.) Cost. Paying money to a gym can be expensive!  In order to make it work for my schedule, I would have to join the YMCA which can be $70 per month. Since I would need childcare available to me while I workout, this would be my only option. Right now that just isn’t in the budget!

3.) Energy.  Finding the energy to workout is always hard, but then I remember that when I workout I typically have more energy afterwards.

I have done a lot of research to find the best free workout options – so here are my finds:

1.) is an awesome free fitness website.  You can easily search their database of free workout videos, and watch them immediately.  There are no signs ups needed.

For example, I was looking for workouts no longer than 10 minutes.  You can also sort by difficuly, calories you want to burn, training type, and what part of the body you want to focus on.


How to workout for free


After y0u search, they offer you dozens of free workout videos that you can follow along with.

How to workout for free


When you scroll over each individual workout video it gives you a breakdown of how many calories you can burn, how many minutes it will take to complete the workout, the difficulty level, and what part of the body it focuses on.

How to workout for free


I find this to be the best option when you are looking for a targeted workout and only have a small amount of time to do it. I have a friend who does a 10 minute high intensity workout every day and looks amazing!

The perfect solution for a busy mom!


If you are looking for a free yoga workout plan, this is a great website to go to where you can watch along and participate in free yoga classes.

How to workout for free


They break down the workouts based on what level it is, how much time the class is, and who the teacher is.

This looks like a great resource for people have more time to commit to a workout, and gives them more options to choose from.

3.) Jessica Smith TV is awesome! I love that she has ballet barre workouts, as a former ballerina myself this was right up my alley.

She also has 10 minute workouts, 30 minute workouts, and many more free workout and training videos.

4.) Attend with your Spouse for free.

If you live near a Planet Fitness, you can sign up for their Black Card membership. This membership costs you $19.99 per month, and if you have one person that has the black card, they can bring a guest in for free any time they go.  If you don’t have children, or your children are in school all day, this would be a great option.

This Black card membership also comes with unlimited tanning and use of their massage chairs.

Although this option is not entirely free, if your spouse goes to the gym and has a membership, you can tag along with them.

5.) Couch to 5K App

This option is not free, but it is pretty cheap! You can download the Coach to 5K app on your smart phone for only $1.99.

How to workout for free


This app is pretty cool – it tells you exactly what to do every day once you start. Spend just 20 to 30 minutes, three times a week, for nine weeks and they guarantee that you will be ready to run your first 5K.  This is something that I really want to do once it gets nicer outside.

6.) Freecycle

Checkout in your area, many times there is gym equipment that people are giving away for free. You can post that you are looking for a free treadmill or exercise bike, and people can contact you and offer you their free equipment.

7.) Seven App

The Seven App is totally free and it allows you to customize a 7 minute workout.

How to workout for free


You get to choose the workouts that you want to do, how long to do them, and it puts together a customized 7 minute workout. It plays music that goes along with each workout too, this seems pretty cool!

8.) BeFit YouTube Channel

If you head over to YouTube you can find a great channel called BeFIT. Get free, high-quality workouts on Lionsgate BeFit. Re-shape your body, burn fat, and sculpt lean muscle as you work out with top fitness trainers like Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin, Jane Fonda, Billy Blanks Jr.,

I have found the full version of Jillian Michaels Shred workouts, full Zumba videos, and many more!

I would love to know – what are some of your favorite ways to workout for free?

How to workout for free