Bed Canopy made out of a Window Box

Published on July 3, 2013 By Lauren

I showed you the finished project of my daughters’ room last week and promised I’d show you how to make the bed canopies for only $13.00 each! It was a fun project that I came up with because my budget for their bedroom was getting maxed out and I really wanted to create these fun focal points.

Here is what I started with – all of these items are from Walmart.


Yes – that is a window box. I used it to make the tops of the canopies. It was only $6.97 and I used it for both of them.

For one canopy you will need:

  • (1) Small Tension Rod ($1.97)
  • (2) White Sheer Curtains ($5.00 each)
  • (1) 24 ” Window Box ($6.97)
  • (1) Container of White Spray Paint ($1.00)

My husband cut the window box in half using a table saw – this way it would be cut exactly in half.

This is what the window boxes look like cut in half and before spray painted. We spray painted them white afterwards and let them dry.

You will need to pick up some hanger screws like this at your local hardware store.  These were the best ones we could find to help with our goal to hang the tension rod inside the box so that the kids wouldn’t be able to pull the tension rods down.

We drilled holes in the window box with a drill where we wanted these hangers to go, then inserted them into the window box and secured them.

This is what the inside of the window box looked like before we screwed it to the wall – we tightened the tension rod inside it and made sure it was secured under the hooks so that they cannot pull the curtains down.

Put the curtains on before hanging the boxes up on the wall – securing them to the wall with L Brackets above the box (you can see them in the picture below – they are silver).  We ended up painting them pink to blend in with the wall.

And voila – there you have it!  For under $15.00 you can make this adorable canopy, which was perfect for my girls’ bedroom!  I used white curtain dowels that I found at Lowe’s to secure them back to the wall. You can use anything you want to do this, I just liked the look of it.  Here are some more pictures of the canopies:

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