What it’s like to be Married to a Couponer

Published on March 14, 2014 By Lauren

Lauren wasn’t always frugal in the grocery store.  Before we came to terms with our awful spending habits, either one of us could just go to the grocery store with a loose plan of what we wanted.  We would go up and down every aisle, and get whatever we thought we needed.

But when Lauren got on this couponing kick, things changed.  You’ve probably heard her point of view, but here’s how things changed for me, the husband:

  1. I am not allowed to go grocery shopping, unless under VERY strict instructions with an organized stack of coupons.
  2. If a random piece of paper looks like trash, it is probably the most valuable coupon ever made.
  3. We would stop at the drug store a couple times a week, but never to get prescription drugs or medicine.
  4. We are still using toothpaste that she bought 2 years ago.
  5. The kids know that their only chance for a sweet cereal is if it’s on sale AND mom has a coupon.
  6. Why buy one loaf of bread a week, when you can buy 12 loaves every 3 months?
  7. The pantry is always full… sometimes of mostly barbeque sauce, but full nonetheless.

But on more serious note – couponing saves some serious dough, with a minimal amount of effort once you get the hang of it (and no, I do NOT have the hang of it).  The sacrifices along the way (like… can’t grill steak this weekend, ribeye’s are on sale next week) are tiny compared to the benefits.

What are some ways that your family has changed as a result of being frugal?


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