We Were Without Power for Three Whole Days!

Published on July 10, 2014 By Lauren

I am not sure if you heard about the storms that came through Upstate NY Tuesday night, but we got hit and were without power for several days…which explains why you haven’t heard or seen much from me this past week!


The first night we were all excited and thought, “Let’s have wine by candlelight.”


The second day we went around and viewed all of the destruction. This is a picture of my in-laws’ house.  Two of their large sugar maple trees were blown over by the storm. My brother-in-law’s home had half of its roof shingles blown off and all of their trees damaged, too.


By day three, we said, “Hook that Keurig up to the generator! We need COFFEE!”

So it’s been an interesting couple of days here.  Fortunately, we have a chest freezer full of meat from our Aldi Meal Plans, so we borrowed a generator from Mark’s dad to run a little bit of our house.

We have our fridge, chest freezer, light, TV, and Keurig hooked up to it 🙂 Priorities, people!


We don’t have internet either which has made it very hard to get any work done. While our babysitter was here today, Mark and I went and worked in McDonald’s for a few hours, then in our public library.

I realized what I’m thankful for during this whole process:

#1 – that we live in a city where we still have water. (I grew up with a well, where no power = no water.)

#2 – that we live close to family who had power. We spent all day yesterday swimming over at my in-laws’ house.

#3 – that we even have electricity or water at all. Going without it for a few days makes you appreciate it that much more.

Our power thankfully came back on around 5 pm tonight, and it’s great to be back!