Walmart vs. Target – which one is cheaper?

Published on June 1, 2014 By Lauren

Have you ever wondered which store was cheaper?  Walmart or Target?

Today I am going to take your through both stores to compare the exact same products, we will see through this in depth look which store really is less expensive!  Keep in mind that prices vary per city, so this is just a general look at the price comparison between both stores.

If you want to see how Aldi compares to Walmart prices, you can see my in depth report on Aldi vs. Walmart here.

I will start with some staples items like eggs, milk, and butter.


Walmart – $1.78 per dozen

Target – $1.49 per dozen (WINNER!)


Walmart – $2.03 per gallon (WINNER!)

Target – $2.19 per gallon


Walmart – $2.18 (WINNER!)

Target –  $2.49


Walmart – $0.94

Target – $0.94

It’s a TIE!

Kitchen bags – 100 ct (This is the closest to exact I could find)

Walmart – $11.57

Target – $7.49 (WINNER!)


Walmart – $1.18 (WINNER!)

Target – $1.49 regular price (It was on sale the week I took the picture for $0.99)

Peanut Butter:

Walmart – $2.56 (WINNER!)

Target – $2.64

Green Peppers:

Walmart – $0.58 each (WINNER!)

Target – $0.89 each


Walmart – $0.47 lb

Target –  $0.24 per banana (I thought this was REALLY strange)

Who knows who wins…Does anyone know how much 1 banana weighs?

Glass Cleaner:

Walmart – $0.97 (WINNER!)

Target – $2.34

Crest Toothpaste:

Walmart – $2.99 (WINNER!)

Target – $4.09 (It was on sale for $2.99 the day I was there.)

Plastic Cups:

Walmart – $3.00 for 50 ($0.06 per cup)

Target – $3.89 for 60 ($0.06 per cup)

It’s a tie!

Paper Towels:

Walmart – $3.29 (WINNER!)

Target – $3.94

Dishwasher Gel:

Walmart – $2.98 (WINNER by only $0.01!)

Target – $2.99

Hormel Deli Meat:

Walmart – $2.78 (WINNER!)

Target – $2.79 (It was on sale for $2.65 the week I was there)

Paper Plates:

Walmart 70 ct. – $2.97

Target – 100 ct. – $1.79 (WINNER!)

Pampers Baby Wipes:

Walmart – $1.98 (WINNER!)

Target – $2.39

Yoplait Yogurt (all varieties included):

Walmart – $1.88 (WINNER!)

Target $2.29

Toilet Paper:

Walmart – $6.24

Target $3.94 (WINNER!)

After seeing the side by side details here, we can assume that Walmart is less expensive on most items.

But Target had a better deal on toilet paper, paper plates, kitchen bags, and eggs.

As far as shopping goes, I prefer to shop at Target because I think it is cleaner and brighter.

What do you think about this, were you surprised at all?

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