Valentine’s Coupons Booklets craft

By Lauren
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    Valentine’s Day is a day to show your loves ones just how much you adore them. Maybe a  bouquet of flowers, a special dinner, or even a box of chocolates. But why should the gestures of love end on February 15? With today’s craft – Valentine’s Coupons Made with Love – they don’t have to!

    This craft is super simple to make, although making good on all your coupon promises might be a little trickier! All that’s needed is a hole punch, some ribbon or yarn (I used some red leather cord) and some card stock paper. If you don’t have card stock paper, you can use regular printer paper, but the craft will turn out much better with heavier paper.

    valentine's day crafts

    Use the images below to inspire you as you make your hearts. Do this before you cut them out.

    valentine's day crafts

    Next, you’ll need to cut out the cover and coupons. You’ll need a relatively steady hand for this step, but don’t worry about making each heart absolutely perfect! After you’ve cut the hearts, use a hole punch to make a hole near the top left part of each heart.

    You might not be able to punch a hole in all 12 hearts (a front cover, a back cover and 10 coupons), so punch a hole in the first one and then punch each heart one at a time by putting the first heart over top of it to use as a guide to show you where to punch the hole.

    valentine's day crafts

    Once the hearts are cut and the holes are punched, all that’s left to do is thread your red ribbon or yarn through the holes and tie it off in a nice bow!

    vday coupon fb

    For another Valentine's coupon idea, I thought these coupons were SUPER Cute!


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