Valentine’s Day Crafts: Be My Valentine Box

Published on January 7, 2013 By Lauren

Remember Valentine’s Day in grade school? Getting cards and giving cards was so much fun, especially when one of those cards was from that boy who you’ve had a crush on since forever (about two weeks ago).

To make the day a little more special for your little Valentine and give them something to store their haul in, try making a “Be My Valentine” box. The best part about it, besides being easy to make, is that it makes good use of something that you might otherwise throw away – a cereal box!

As far as supplies are concerned, this craft is pretty simple to make. The checklist includes a box of cereal, red and green construction paper, brown craft paper, red ribbon, googly eyes, and various foam and jewel hearts (optional – feel free to draw your own hearts or cut them out of construction paper). Total cost: Around $10 (not including the cereal).


Time to put those Christmas gift wrapping skills to good use! The first step in making your “Be My Valentine” box is to wrap it with the brown craft paper. Next, wrap red ribbon around both ends and affix it with glue (a glue gun will work wonders here). Finally, cut a hole – about five or six inches wide – near the top of the box. How you cut the hole is up to you, but a box cutter, X-Acto knife or a sharp steak knife will work best.


The cute, googly-eyed frog comes next, and he’s a lot easier to make than you might think. To start, sketch a large heart on red construction paper and cut it out (draw the heart on the back of the paper). Next, cut out the green frog shape and the red mouth like you see below. Once the heart, frog, and mouth are glued on the cereal box, you’ll only need to glue on the eyes to complete your adorable little Valentine critter.


The last step is to apply the hearts to your box wherever you feel a little love is needed. Instead of placing hearts above the card slot, feel free to write something fun like “Be My Valentine!” or “Kiss Me!”