How to Shop at Rite Aid using Plenti Points

Published on August 12, 2015 By Lauren

I used to be confused with Rite Aid's new Plenti Point system, until I took some time and figured it ALL out. and it is WAY better than I thought! Here's how to get the most out of Rite Aid with Plenti Points!

If you guys are like me, you thought that the old Rite Aid system of +ups was amazing. I think we were all a bit devastated inside when they updated it to load digitally and be unable to use them for 24 hours, ending our run of turn around purchases. Even so, I adapted, I asked them to print mine out, I was willing to return to RA later, sometimes even several days in a row.

Recently, RA updated again, this time to a whole new system. I had to get a new card, register it, transfer my info, and learn a whole new system.


At first, I resisted. I simply avoided RA. I found the whole thing to be complicated and I wasn’t interested in learning something new. They sent me a new card in the mail and then lots of follow up information as well. Now that it is summer and I have a bit more time, I was ready to figure out all about Plenti and see if I liked the new system.

I took the new card I got in the mail with me to Rite Aid to set it up and just asked a cashier for help. The cashier I spoke to was VERY knowledgeable, but also was new to the system (obviously) so some things we looked into together. All he had to do was scan my new card, scan my old card, and ask the computer to link them. Then he disposed of my old card for me. Something great I discovered while switching cards is that Rite Aid is still keeping track of Wellness points, so I still have Gold status and get my 20% discount in the store. Now, I can earn and utilize both systems of points!


Once you have them set up the card in the store, you have to finish the registration online.  It will ask if you already have a card, which you should!


Then you will be asked to enter the numbers and verify that it's you.  I'm going to show many of the steps, but not all, as some are self explanatory and we don't have room for a whole photo essay here!


Once you are all set up, you will be welcomed and you can explore all of the ways to earn, things you can do, etc.


One of the many great features of the Plenti card is that you can earn points in a number of different ways, but they all end up as the same bank of points for you to spend at eligible locations.  Some of the places you can earn include AT&T cell service, participating supermarkets, Mobil and Exxon station, Macy's, Rite Aid, and more!


You can also link your Plenti card to some of the grocery stores you regularly shop at, but you are linking to their loyalty card, so you use your regular store card, not the Plenti card, but you do earn Plenti Points!  In this case, I can link to Tops and Wegmans, and then use my regular Tops or Wegmans loyalty cards.

You can also load deals to your card just like you might have done with the Wellness Plus card or with your other store loyalty cards.  One key difference with Plenti is that you can earn points at a lot of places, but you can't necessarily spend those points at all of the those same places.  You should look over the literature you receive with the card and check out the website, but my best understanding was that, at this time, you can really only spend your points at Rite Aid and Mobil/Exxon Stations.



I’m going to show you how I earned and spent my Plenti points over the course of a few weeks, but this is not meant to be a deal scenario that you can replicate, rather a tutorial on how Plenti works. By the time you read this, these will NOT be the Rite Aid weekly deals, sorry!


First, I bought a $50 Rite Aid gift card, which came with 500 Plenti points. 500 points equals $5.00 to spend later, but Plenti is still using the 24 hour wait before you can spend them. I wanted to have some points to work with to show you how to spend them, and obviously, since I would be doing some shopping to show you guys, I thought that the gift card was a great deal.


Then, when I returned to Rite Aid the next day, I had 500 points or $5 to spend.  I found a couple of deals that worked for me, since I thought they were good value and they were items I actually needed or would use. I found this ReNu Saline on sale for $7.99, with 400 Plenti points back and I found a coupon. I was able to do the deal twice with the limit of 2 transactions.


I also found toothpaste that amounted to free when on sale for $3.50, with 300 Plenti points back and a coupon. I think I found an even higher value coupon than advertised, so I might have even made some money! Also, when I looked for the toothpaste, I found this one with some bonus freebies attached, so I thought my whole toothpaste deal was a score!!


When you are ready to check out, the screen will show you what your total is, but also how many Plenti points you have available to use.


There is a button near your total which says “Use Plenti points,” and if you click on that, you can use your points to pay.


That will bring you to a screen which shows you all of your options. You can’t see it here, due to my transaction, but one amazing advantage of the Plenti points over the old +ups is that you can pay cents as well as dollars. You can use 213 points to pay $2.13, which plus ups never let you do!


I also made a trip to the Mobil station, just to see how that worked and I was delight to find how easy it was!  You can just use your Plenti card right at the pump and it walks you though it, it even asks for your card right away!


The pump will ask you if you care to spend your points on your gas purchase and you can choose if you want to or not.


At then end of your purchase, it will tell you how many points you have earned, which seems to be 1 per gallon.  As you can see, it seems like a great place to spend your points, but not your highest earning opportunity!


One last fun fact, Plenti points have a major advantage over +ups in that you can spend them in exact amounts, including cents. If you have to pay X, you can pay that amount in full with Plenti points, as long as it was a qualifying purchase. You still can’t buy gift cards, alcohol, etc.

Overall, I am really excited and pleased about having this Plenti card. I love being able to pay the cents, earn in a variety of places, and also have the option to spend the points on my gas. I hope you are also enjoying your Plenti card. If you haven’t set yours up yet, I encourage you to get started!


I used to be confused with Rite Aid's new Plenti Point system, until I took some time and figured it ALL out. and it is WAY better than I thought! Here's how to get the most out of Rite Aid with Plenti Points!

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  • I used to carry my Wellness card, but, I just had it hanging from my keychain with all the others. One day I bought a shampoo and conditioner and I saved 5$! I was so happy! The woman at the counter asked if I’d set it up. Set it up? She then told me that I could have gotten 200 points. She told me that it meant 2$’s good on my next day purchase. Free money? I feel in love with Plenti points, and , COUPONS! I am a Huge fan! Hello! It’s FREE!

  • The Plenti points program that I was introduced to by Rite Aid, is fantastic! It beats ALL other pharmacy/convenience store programs by a mile! One, which I will not name, uses the term of ” Bonus Bucks”. They use thousands instead of hundreds when it refers to what you can earn. Thousands? Wow! That sounds great, but, a thousand -= a dollar off your ” next trip”. Plenti makes it easier. It isn’t as confusing like the other 2 do. Thank-you for your article! I hope to see you in the aisles! Plenti fan.

  • Hi Lauren,

    Thanks for this article. But I have a question, do you think we can use plenti points to purchase third-party gift cards at Rite Aid? I am thinking purchasing a visa gift card using plenti points to use somewhere else.


  • Hello, I am trying to link my grocery store club card to my Plenti, but I can’t find the page on the website that you have pictured in this article. Does Plenti still allow you to add other store club cards? Thanks!

  • Thank you very much after reading your comment about how to use your plenti points I now understand how it works believe me until yesterday I had no idea I had so many Well-Ness & Plenti points 8745 to be exact the only reason I noticed it in the first place was I purchased a universal remote for my TV and after I tried every code and started getting Carpal tunnel syndrome in my hand. Lol I decided to return it back to RA when I was reading the receipts return policy I noticed that I had over 8000 points and I also noticed that by the end of December they expire just my luck so now I have to figure out how I’m gonna use up all my points and what do I need to spend in order use them all. Is it even worth it??????????

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