Why these two weeks have been so difficult for me…

Published on August 11, 2014 By Lauren

These past two weeks have been some of the hardest I’ve had in a long time!  My youngest sister (and one of my closest friends) moved out of the country this morning, along with her two children and her husband.  We’ve known this was going to happen for a long time, but it’s just one of those events that you cannot prepare yourself for.

This morning I gave my 2 year old niece and 4 year old nephew the last hug that I will give them in a few years. It was so sad for us, but we made it through most of the day without crying our eyes out.

On top of having to prepare to say goodbye to them I’ve had a VERY busy past two weeks.  Things started to slow down today, so I finally had the time to put it down in a blog post for you all!

The craziness started with a trip to Austin Texas last week. I am a Savings.com DealPro and every year I am honored to go on a trip to learn more about what Savings.com is doing to help save people money!  If you haven’t signed up for Savings.com account, make sure that you do so here.

Pictured above (Rachel from Survivingthestores.com, Sami from SamiCone.com, and Jennifer from InspiringSavings.com)

I was there with the best deal/coupon bloggers in the country (60 of us total) for a two day event where we learned so much on how to continue to help you all save money!  It is one of my favorite events of the year and I am so blessed to get to see a lot of my blogging friends, and meet some new ones!

Two days after I got home I had a very special little girls birthday. Abby turned ONE YEARS OLD – Can you believe it?!?!

It seems like only yesterday I had her, she is such a joy to us!  She ate her first cupcake, and was VERY happy!

I was also able to spend some time with my sisters and my mom.   Yes, I know my mom looks like she is 30 🙂

P.S. Abby is getting pretty good at photobombing 🙂

In between life,  I squeezed in a radio segment with my favorite radio station – 93Q here in Syracuse, NY.

Ted and Amy are always so welcoming and interested in what I have to teach, so going on there is always a blast!

Jump ahead another 3 days and we had another birthday in the family. My son Andrew turned 9!!!

Here he is opening up his Lego birthday present.  Ignore the snowman wrapping paper, I have a thing for only buying clearance wrapping paper. (My kids never even pay attention anyways)

The day after his birthday, we whisked away to Niagara Falls for a family reunion.  It was Kaylee’s first time at the falls and she was in awe!

We picked up a pretty cool rainbow in this picture too!

The kids and Mark had to take a break from walking so much! (You can see Andrew looks thrilled 🙂 )


My dad’s side of the family is Spanish and every other year we have a big reunion. This year there were 92 of us, it is always a really fun event where we can all get together and hang out.


Here is the original family members that are still with us,  there were 13 siblings in all. My grandma is the one 2nd from the right, she is 88 and still going strong!

Last but not least I got to help my sister pack up the rest of her belongings last night into her carry suitcases.


I got to say goodbye to my 2 year old niece.

And my 4 year old nephew!

And watch them drive away with a van full of their remaining belongings.  It was a very hard day for all of us here, please pray for them as they travel throughout the next couple of days and that we would adjust to life without them here.

I am just reminded that every day is precious, we are not gauranteed a tomorrow, so take advantage of the day that you are in right now.  I’ve lived 5 minutes away from her the past 5 years and we didn’t spend nearly enough time together, I regret that.   I wish we had spent a few days per week, but sometimes life just doesn’t work out that way….I wish it did.

Have you ever had someone move out of the country that you were very close to? Do you have any tips for us on how to keep our kids connected? I know there is Skype but I would love some other ideas!