To the Pinterest depressed mom….

Published on September 11, 2014 By Lauren

Lately, there has been one thing that has been tugging on my heart. I recently read this article that said that 40% of women are Pinterest depressed.  I define Pinterest depression as feeling like you can never be ‘good enough’ – feeling like you can never be a good enough mom, wife, home decorator, cook etc.

Do you go to Pinterest for inspiration and ideas, but leave feeling inadequate? Does this sound familiar?

I know that many times I’ve let Pinterest steal my JOY.  The first time that I remember this was two years ago when trying to find ideas for my daughter’s 3rd birthday party.  She was having 4 friends over to play for her birthday and I wanted to make something special for her so I went to Pinterest.  I left feeling so upset because I didn’t have the money or the time to throw these elaborate birthday parties, so I wrote my post about how to throw a princess party on a budget. The reality is, she didn’t care what her party looked like; she had so much fun regardless.  As moms and women, we put so much stress on image and what we want people to think about us… and I am about to crush the imagine of myself online, and I am okay with that!  I want to be a real voice to women, and not allow Pinterest and comparison to steal your JOY!

You are good enough…

You are smart enough…

You care enough…

Even if you don’t look like the front page of Pinterest…

I wanted to take some time to show life behind Pinterest – you may have seen my beautiful pins of my Master Bedroom Canopy or some of my delicious recipes, but what you don’t see are what those rooms like like after or even during those photo shoots.

So let me open up my life to you – to show you what really goes on on Pinterest.

You may have seen this post about my master bedroom re-design.  It only cost me around $125.00 to do and I was so pleased with my results.

After 6 months and 3 weeks of having the kids home from school, this is what it looks like today.  What you don’t see is that my 4 year old decided to color a picture of our entire family on the top of my end table today, in pen….I guess I need more spray paint 🙂

I also did a fantastic post about my daughters’ bedroom re-design.  I love it, but they didn’t love it as much as I did.  They cried that there were no princesses on the walls, so we added a few pictures.  They cried that their comforters were black, so we switched one out with her Dora comforter.

This is what their bedroom looks like today, after the changes that we made and after they played.  One child (she will go unnamed) has torn the flowers off the walls… this is NOT the picture that people get when they look at my picture above.

And last but not least, my recipes.  On Pinterest and this website, you see these colorful, vibrant and detailed pictures that I’ve learned how to take.  I’ve worked very hard as a novice photographer, and I think that I’ve had pretty good results.  What you do not see is what is going on around me while taking this picture.

This is what was going on around that pretty little light box.  The house is a disaster!  By the time I am done getting my picture taken (after what feels like 1,000 pictures), I am too tired to clean so I just leave it.

The next time you are on Pinterst and feel inadequate, come back to this post and laugh about how you are normal just like the rest of us.  Pinterest is like a digital magazine, so the pictures have to be beautiful, eye catching and staged.  I don’t want you to feel Pinterest depressed any longer.  If you let it, it can steal your joy and stifle your creativity.

Be bold and be you – NOT Pinterest depressed!

Does this resonate with anyone? Have you found yourself feeling this way?


  • Chris has a thing or two to learn here. And I have a few questions for him/her.
    Are you a parent ?
    Have you every been a stay at home parent?
    Have you participated in raising a child and a household that your wife or mother did not clean up?
    This is real life living, not everything is picture perfect and spotless! People live in this home!
    Bravo Lauren! We’re all women know the struggle is real!
    Keep up the great work!

  • OMG I love your post!!! Thank you for being real and showing what’s really behind the lens and the outside of the light box!!

  • You have a nice home. Like myself I became a mother and the internet made me very sad. Truth be told I’m the worlds most powerful Jedi in the universes. And I said universes. I only wish to know my old and dirty dishes and cared what people thought like you do and have people who don’t clean come and not feel guilt because your blog allows them not to have guilt. Cause hell why not. Make friends with self depcricating spectacles from your blog. Your sad because your embarrassed of not loving to clean. Hmmmm humans. I’m only human. No humans aren’t what you think. When a sporty person messes up or farts ohhh I’m only human. No stop using this for an excuse. You have no idea. I’m human and there isn’t very many here. So…, greetings. And hopefully my new self did come to master my new strength and lost knowdlge because otherwise fuck it. This world would be completely lost to them and that’s why dirty dish problems seem so amusing to me right now and I just wanted to see something from a mommy blog. I fucking hate mommy blogs. Wished I had your problems. Signed the human.

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