These 11 Apps will help you sell just about everything in your house for CASH!

Published on June 1, 2016 by Lauren

apps for selling items

Whether you are trying to save up some extra money for the holidays, an emergency fund, a new project, or just have some savings on hand, sometimes it can be hard to figure out to make a little extra cash.  Well, it’s actually easier than you think!  There are actually tons of apps that help you sell your extra things!  

I always notice a few things around my house that we no longer need, a pair of shoes that has been outgrown, a book we will not re-read, a knick knack that has neither sentiment nor guilt attached to it, etc.  I have started making a pile of those things (somewhere out of the way) and can’t wait to sell them all off!  Here are the top ten apps I use to sell my stuff and make some crazy money!

apps for selling items

1. Poshmark

We’ve talked about Poshmark before, when we went over cleaning out your closet and how to re-sell those items.  If you missed that post, here is the Poshmark overview: this free app lets you post and sell your clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, etc.  You take an upload photos of your items, include descriptions, and set the prices.  Other users can message you to haggle or buy directly.  You mail it to the buyer, at the cost of Poshmark, and Poshmark takes a small commission, depending on the size of the transaction.


apps for selling items

2. 5miles

5miles is another free app, but the services are free too, no commissions taken!  This app focuses on buying and selling locally (within 5 miles) and can be used for just about anything.  Not only can you use it to sell pretty much any item, but it will also do real estate listings, services, job searches, and more.  Another really neat feature of this app is that you can voice record, so including a thorough description doesn’t have to mean a lot of time spent typing!  This app keeps all of your information secure, but allows you to connect in all the ways you would use your smartphone.


apps for selling items

3.) OfferUp

OfferUp is another app that lets you buy or sell anything, although this one is focused on objects and possessions only, and doesn’t include real estate and anything else extra that 5miles offers.  This also connects buyer and sellers locally, but it a bit less restrictive as the stretch of “locally.”  This app allows you build a profile and reputation as a seller, which can be used to your advantage.  Many of the reviews talk about how easy this app is to use, especially in comparison to many of the similar options.  The app also allows you to message directly within the app.


apps for selling items

4.) letgo

The letgo app is pretty similar to the previous two, offering a free service with secure transactions which are relatively local.  This includes the locations post were made from and a profile for each buyer and seller.  What sets this app apart is that everything is clearly organized into categories as part of the platform that the app uses.  Everything has to fit one of the categories like books, music, children, auto, clothing, etc.  This adds a simplicity to searching the app that should help buyers connect to the right sellers.


apps for selling items

5.) Cash4Books

The Cash4Books app obviously specializes in the sale of books.  It works primarily for textbooks, but can also be used for standard books.  You simply use the app to scan the barcode on the book, make a list of all the books you are selling, and then print a pre-paid shipping label.  Then you ship your books out and earn your money by check or paypal.  

You are subject to the demand for certain books in regards to the price you will get and if a book will even have a value, so this may not be an app you use often, but when you do, it’s certainly a way to make a nice little amount!


apps for selling items

6.) Trove Marketplace

The Trove Marketplace app is really fun because it pertains primarily to antiques, vintage finds, and what the app refers to as “unique treasures.”  It also seems to relate to decor, which makes sense, as that’s often the use for vintage treasures!  

This app also offers a community where you can chat with like-minded people and ask or share about how to use such items in your decorating.  While you could probably sell many of these items on the other apps, this offers a place for this specific genre of interests and you are more like to find a seller who appreciates unique finds.  This app also allows and enables sellers to take a credit card payment from a buyer.


apps for selling items

7.) Mercari

The Marcari app claims to be for selling anything at all and the community it connects you with is supposed to be “3 million plus.”  The description for this app definitely emphasizes that you can sell electronics and gadgets, among other things, so this might be a great forum for those type of sales.  The app is free and no commissions are taken.  The app shares easily to social media so you can get even more out of your listing.  Here’s a feature I really like, you can track your shipping through the app.  They also say that their customer service is available “around the clock,” which is a nice bonus, as customer service can be an area of complaint with apps like this.


apps for selling items

8.) Dealo

The Dealo app is another one where you can sell anything, the description for this app is short and sweet, but that’s a mirror for the way the app is supposed to work.  The description claims that it’s the “newest, safest, quickest way to sell,” and it also offers verified shipping, which is smart, since this app gives you a worldwide base of buyers to market to.  It also lets you set a filter for how far a reach you want to use to search for other buyers and sellers, so you could use it to do your dealings locally if you wanted to, but are not limited.  It is also compatible with most social media, with paypal and google, and even the Post Office, which should make all transactions that much more seamless!


apps for selling items

9.) Amazon Seller App

The Amazon Seller App takes you a lot more seriously as a seller than the previously listed apps and it even considers if you to have a business.  You can list your products to sell, read and respond to messages from buyers, keep track of your total sales, and “manage” many facets of your account.  What really sets this app apart is that since it considers you to have a business, it offers coaching and assistance in running that business.  It will do things like help you compare prices and set competitive prices, suggestions for better listing and increasing your sales, and a toll to project how well you might do and the possibility to you have to earn.

I love using this app to scan books laying around my house, then you can send them directly into Amazon who will take care of the selling, listing, and shipping for you.  It is a very effective way to clear your house out in very little time, and make some extra cash!

This is one of the apps that I used in my recent Good Morning America Segment.


apps for selling items

10.) Boxes

While all of the other apps are listed as “selling” in the app store, this one is categorized as “social media,” which is both interesting and telling.  The Boxes app has a broader focus on allowing the user to organize and catalogue a collection, and then search within those collections.  The social media piece comes into play because you can browse other users collections and connect with people who have similar interests.  So far, I’m sure you’re wondering why this app made this list, but here’s why: the next step you can take in Boxes is to sell off the items in your collection, if you want to.  You can also use it to look for missing pieces of your collection and then try to buy and add them to your own, but that’s not what we’re doing today!  The app is free but also has an upgraded version with a cost that gives you added capabilities and unlimited capacity.


apps for selling items

11.) Varage Sale

The VarageSale App is the fun and safe way to buy, sell and connect with real people in your neighborhood. Find great deals on stuff you love and earn extra cash by selling unused items in your home. Members connect with Facebook so you can see real names, photos and read reviews before deciding to meet someone for a transaction. It’s a safe alternative to local classified. It really is the virtual garage sale app.

There are tons of other apps out there, but these are some pretty fabulous tools you can use to get started simplifying your life and clearing out the things you don’t need.  What better way to let go than to make some extra cash!  Don’t forget to add that cash to some of your budgeting extras like your emergency fund or holiday savings.  Have fun discovering which apps will work best for you.

apps for selling items