The 32 Best things to buy at Dollar General

Published on July 24, 2015 by Lauren
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    Inside Dollar General stores you can find hidden gems that you would be paying almost 2-3 times more in a posh/upscale store.  I decided to put together a list of my Dollar General deals: The top 32 best things to buy at Dollar General, plus some money saving tips along the way.

    Dollar General Deals

    I love finding good deals more than most things, and one of my favorite places to find them may not be a place you think about.

    Inside Dollar General stores you can find hidden gems that you would be paying almost 2-3 times more in a posh/upscale store.  You can also buy a lot of great these deals right on

    I decided to put together a list of my top 32 things that I like to buy at Dollar General, plus some money saving tips along the way.

    If you like the Dollar Store, check out my post on the best things to buy at the dollar store.

    Dollar General has some great ways to save money.  They accept manufacturer’s coupons and have their own digital coupons that you can download straight from their Dollar General Mobile app.

    The Dollar General app is one of my favorite money saving apps – here is a list of 12 of the best money saving apps.

    Dollar General Deals

    They even have signs up around the store telling you which items have digital coupons in the app. It makes it super simple to not miss out on a good deal.

    You can also print Dollar General store coupons directly from their website and use those in conjunction with manufacturer coupons.

    Print off free coupons from and stack them with the Dollar General Coupons for bigger savings!

    Stacking both of these offers on the same item can mean BIG savings!

    Dollar General Deals

    Make sure that you don’t throw away your receipt because there is usually a coupon on the bottom for $5.00 off a $25.00 purchase.

    I typically use these for household purchases and things I need for around the house.

    Dollar General Deals: 32 best things to buy at Dollar General

    Dollar General Deals

    1.) Air Fresheners

    They are cheaper than Walmart and name brand.

    2.) Dryer Sheets.

    There are some great everyday deals on dryer sheets.

    Dollar General Deals


    3.) Clearance items

    There are clearance items scattered throughout the store, and you can find some great deals!  Often times these are discontinued items but they haven’t expired yet.  Keep in mind that just because it is in the clearance section doesn’t mean it is a great deal, make sure you check before you purchase.


    Dollar General Deals

    4.) Flip Flops

    You can find a variety of nice flip-flops for $2.00. Using the $5.00 off $25.00 coupon comes in handy when purchasing clothing at Dollar General.

    5.) Men’s T-shirts

    You can score Gildan sold colored t-shirts for only $5.00!

    6.) Kids Underwear

    Character underwear at big box stores has gotten out of control Just the other day I saw a 5 pack for $13.00. You can grab a better deal on underwear at Dollar General.

    7.) Slippers

    There are some great name brand slippers at Dollar General. The prices are a bit lower than other places.
    Dollar General Deals

    8.) Curtains

    Blackout curtains are a must in our house.  You can get a blackout panel curtain for only $7.00 (which is 1/3 of the price at other stores)

    9.) Bathroom Rugs

    Some bathroom rugs are under $5.00, but you can get some great memory foam ones for a bit more.

    10.) Accent Rugs

    For $6.00 you can grab a runner rug, or area accent rug.

    11.) Shower Curtains

    They have some super cute shower curtains for under $5.00.

    12.) Pillows

    You can grab hypoallergenic pillows for only $2.00 a piece. These are perfect for a guest room bed, and won’t break the bank.

    Dollar General Deals

    13.) Lamps

    Pay only $7.00 for a beautiful lamp.

    14.) Lampshades

    For only $5.00 you can grab a super cute lampshade.  Pair that with the lamp above and you have a gorgeous lamp for only $12.00. That price is unheard of!

    15.) Baskets

    These super cute wicker baskets are as little as $3.00. I got a few of them for my bathroom organization and paid only $20 for 5 baskets!

    16.) Wall Art

    They have wall art that is comparable to craft stores, but 1/4 of the price. The ones pictured above were around $8.00 each

    17.) Wall Clocks

     We love hanging wall clocks around our home, and they are great quality for little money.

    18.) Organization bins

    You can stock up on some cute organizing bins for under $3.00!

    Dollar General Deals

    19.) Kids toys

    They often have great deals on kids toys and activities. Bubbles, stocking stuffers and party gifts are a few to mention.

    20.) Movies

    They have a great selection of movies.  I saw some kids movies price at $2.95 and many more great ones!
    Dollar General Deals

    21.) Wrapping Paper

    They have a great selection of wrapping paper for only $1.00

    22.) Greeting Cards

    For only $1.00 each, and you get a great selection.

    23.) Stickers

    We need a LOT of these for my kids school, and I’ve found them to be the cheapest at Dollar General.

    24.) Party supplies

    Cups, napkins, balloons, and streamers. All for $1.00 and up

    25.) Gift Bags

    There is a big selection of $1.00 gift bags in many different sizes.

    Dollar General Deals

    26.) Backpacks

    Backpacks and lunch boxes that start at only $8.00.

    27.) Coloring Books

    They are all only $1.00! They have a better selection that most, including Lisa Frank (which are my personal favorite)

    Dollar General Deals

    28.) Tools

    For under $5.00 you can put together an extra tool box, one for a kid, or one to keep in your truck.

    29.) Spray Paint

    They have a great selection of name brand spray paint for under $2.00 per can!

    30.) Landscaping supplies

    Hoses, sprinklers, gardening gloves, and much more! All at a lower price!

    Dollar General Deals

    30.) Hair accessories

    Having 3 daughters means I am constantly buying new hair bows, hair ties, and accessories. Dollar General has a great selection at a lower price.

    31.) Cotton Balls

    Only $1.00 every day.

    32.) Mailing supplies

    They have great deals on bubble mailers, boxes, packing tape and more!

    What items did I miss? Are there any items that you always buy at Dollar General?  

    Dollar General Deals


  • I looked and looked for affordable curtains that didn’t look or feel cheap. After searching everywhere to no avail, I actually found some at Big Lots and they were well below my budget. I have gotten shower curtains at Dollar General and couldn’t be happier.

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