How much more are you really spending for convenience in the grocery store?

Published on March 4, 2014 By Lauren

Everyone knows that you pay for convenience in the grocery, but how much more are you really spending? One of the biggest ways to save 50% or more in the grocery store without coupons is to skip pre-cut foods!

Many busy people buy pre-cut and packaged foods to save time and energy, but did you know that you could be spending about three times more just by buying those items?

Last week I saw a 12 oz package of cut up butternut squash priced at $3.99.

One aisle over in the produce aisle I bought 2 lb butternut squash for $2.60.

The pre-cut version is about $5.32 per lb., while the whole version is $1.29 per lb… the pre-cut version is four times the price of the whole squash!  And even after removing the seeds and skin, it still works out to more than three times the price.

Next time you grab that pre-cut product, remember that you could paying about triple the price compared to buying the whole version. I think that may help you skip the pre-cut version!