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~ Lauren

Why Book Lauren to Speak?

Lauren Greutman is one of the most sought after female personal finance experts in the country. Not only is she a #1 Best-Selling author of her Book Recovering Spender, but is a monthly TODAY show guest, and frequent guest on national TV sets like Dr. Oz, Hallmark, NIghtline and many more.

Lauren also runs one of the largest personal finance blogs for women at laurengreutman.com, helping over 38 million women since it's inception in 2010. She has been professionally speaking since 2005 on a variety of topics including money, college, and entrepreneurship.

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More about Lauren

  • Lauren is the #1 Best-Selling Author of the book The Recovering Spender - published in September 2016 by Hachette Book Group.
  • She is a sought after guest on national TV Shows such as: TODAY show, Good Morning America, Nightline, The Dr. Oz Show, The TD Jakes Show, 700 Club, The Rachel Ray Show, 100 Huntley Street, Hallmark Home & Family, and Fox & Friends.
  • She was listed as one of the top 20 Personal Finance Influencers by Forbes in 2016.
  • She has been a public speaker for 11 years and has spoken at events such as the Women's Presidents Organization, FinCon (3 years), Mary Kay Corporate Headquarters, and many more.
  • Has over 450,000 social media followers and is considered one of the most influencial writers for woman on the internet.
  • She has been profiled by Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Money Magazine, Success Magazine, Consumer Reports, and Huffington Post.

Lauren's Most Requested Topics

Choose the topic that is perfect for your audience or let Lauren create a custom presentation just for your event.

How to create a Financial Plan that works.

In this step by step keynote Lauren shows exactly how to create a Financial Plan that works. From setting up a budget, to curbing your spending, Lauren knows what is takes to get out of debt and create a plan that the listeners can stick to for a lifetime.

How to stop Spending – 12 steps process to recover from spending.

This talk is based on Lauren’s #1 Best-Selling Book The Recovering Spender. Lauren will talk about her issues with overspending and hiding it from her husband. Then go into the 12 step process that she developed on how to live a happy fulfilled debt free life.

How to get out of debt and stay out.

Let’s talk about debt and the psychology behind getting into debt. In this talk Lauren goes over the issues happening in your brain when you get into debt, and how to trick your mind into getting out of it. She talks about her white picket fence budget analogy and the most effective ways to pay down debt and stay out of it for good.

How to turn your Mess into a Message.

Lauren Greutman turned the biggest mess of her life into her life and brand message. There are four fundamental principals for any person to follow if they want to create a brand with a lasting impact. Attendees of this keynote will walk away feeling inspired and educated about how to turn their struggles into businesses.

The Balancing Act: How to balance entrepreneurship with family.

As a busy mom of four children and CEO of a successful company, Lauren Greutman has a lot of tips and tricks on how to raise a family while being an entrepreneur. In this talk Lauren shares her tips on managing and balancing it all.

The Passive-Income Mentality and how to cure it.

There is a new movement in entrepreneurship called the passive-income movement. Few succeed and many walk away feeling defeated. What they don’t know is that those people teaching the passive-income strategies are working 40-60 hours per week. Attendees will learn how to set realistic expectations to be able to become wildly successful with their businesses, all while making good income and gaining traction.

How to turn motherhood into a 6-figure income

Lauren Greutman is a stay at home mom of four turned successful entrepreneur. Once in over $40,000 worth of debt and struggling to make ends meet, she started a blog hoping to help pay the bills, which eventually contributed to paying down her debt. Her website has now grown to one of the top personal finance blogs for women on the internet, and in 2014 was able to retire her husband from corporate America to join the company. As a mom and business owner making six-figures, she knows what is takes to turn motherhood into a 6-figure income.

Screw the Joneses: How to fix the appearances of ‘having it all’

Let’s face it – Instagram and Pinterest pretty much make all ‘regular’ moms feel like huge failures. As moms we want to keep up with the Joneses and appear like we have it all, but is that really who we are? Lauren Greutman wants to help all of those Un-Pinterest perfect moms get rid of the guilt and learn how to balance desires with practicality.

Thriving with Side Hustles – How to make thousands per month while still in school.

Side Hustles are growing in popularity and there are literally thousands of ways to make money part time while being in college. From driving in uber, to selling vintage clothing on eBay, there is a solution for everyone. You don’t have to be a broke college student anymore, learn how to thrive while in school and save on the way.

The Student Loan Crisis and how to fix it

With student loan debt being in the trillions, how can we make a dent? In this informative talk Lauren will talk about ways to pay off student loans faster, while enjoying life.

What I wish someone had told me about money in college

As a young 18 year old Lauren was offered a credit card offer on her first day of school – five years later she was $40,000 in debt. I wish someone had given me the tools needed before I was given that credit card. In this talks Lauren breaks down some of the barriers between college age students and money and debunks the myths currently present in the college culture.

What can you expect working with Lauren?

  • Prompt answers to all emails, phone calls, and messages.
  • Lauren and her assistant will work with you directly to make sure they know every detail of the event.
  • Lauren will post to her 450,000 social media followers about your event (assuming it is a public event).
  • A professionally prepared presentation by Lauren that is both encouraging, information, and engaging.
  • If her schedule allows, she prefers to stay on site during the entire day(s) of the event and network with attendees.
  • Ongoing communication about the event and Lauren's involvement - including a follow up call in the week following the event.

What Others say about Lauren

"Lauren is such a joy to work with as a speaker. She's professional, flexible, and genuinely invests in your audience, both before, during, and after the event. I look forward to having her continue to speak at my future events." 

Philip Taylor - Founder of FinCon Conference

“Lauren brought a personal professionalism to Focused Blogging Conference that every attendee experienced first hand. Her ability to share her success and knowledge in a mentoring conference with such heart to see others grow is a quality that not many possess. She brought community to our intimate conference, and with it, a value that created loyal attendees.”

 Dollie Freeman - Focused Blogging Conference

"Lauren Greutman doesn't just teach random theories. She has lived what she shares and knows what she's talking about. Do yourself a favor and book her for your event. "

 Grant Baldwin - Motivational Speaker 

"I've seen Lauren Greutman transform lives, she actually practices what she preaches and teaches others how to successfully budget, get out of debt, and have financial freedom."

 Clayton Morris, Fox & Friends Anchor

"Lauren Greutman is one of the most enterprising and self-motivated educators on the web!"

 Natali Morris - CNBC Anchor

"Lauren Greutman is a guru who’s been there and lived to tell about it. No soundbites, no cliches, just helpful, digestible advice." 

 Joe Saul-Sehy - co-host - Stacking Benjamins podcast 

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