Ways to Save money while throwing a Cookout

Published on April 25, 2013 By Lauren

With the weather starting to warm up, many people are thinking about throwing their first cookout.  If you missed my segment on News Channel 9’s Bridge Street program today I talked about ways to save on a cookout.  There were a few products that I featured on my segment you can see those below:

The George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill – priced at only $89.99 on Amazon.  This is a great way to grill all year long, you can pop the top of the grill off and put it on your counter and grill inside during the winter months.  This is also great for people that live in dorms or apartments with small landings outside to grill on.

I also spoke about one of my favorite cookout and entertaining items – the Sodastream Fountain Jet Soda Maker.  This allows your guests to make their own sodas, and without any waste.  I highly recommend investing in one of these!

Did I miss any important tips? Let me know what you think….


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