Save $1k a Month on Groceries with Freezer Meals

Published on May 6, 2019 by Lauren

freezer meals

Hey, friends! Did you know that groceries are the #2 highest budgeted item right underneath your mortgage? We spend the most money usually on these two items. If you use your meal planner and plan out everything ahead of time you can save SO much money! I made 20 meals for $150 from my Aldi freezer meal plan! It’s that simple! A few hours of meal planning and dinner is done!

You can grab my Freezer Meal Plans Here and Save Thousands on Groceries

freezer meals


I plan out everything I need and keep a running list of what I need in my shopping list in my personal finance planner. I can’t even begin to tell you how much money this saves me in the long run. Going out to eat costs double or triple what it would be easily if you didn’t meal plan ahead of time. I call my freezer meals insurance on my money! No more drive-thru runs! Dinner is ready fast and easy!

Be sure to grab an InstantPot if you don’t have one. They are AMAZING! I use mine SO many times a week that I lose count and it makes dinner happen FAST! You can completely forget about dinner and then your InstantPot rocks it last minute cooking dinner quick when you’re busy! Your slow cooker works awesome too if you just want to use that but if you’re an InstantPot fan, that will work too!

Be sure to watch my video below. I LOVE helping you save money and I love seeing so many families take back their time and hard earned cash with simple freezer meal planning!

What are you cooking this week to save money on groceries and have amazing meals for your family?

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  • Lauren,
    I found you right when I needed you. We have put together 40 meals and they are delicious- but the sweetest thing about your meal plans are that they are a big step in our family’s quest to get debt free and to giving us a better life. Dinner around the table and money saved are reasons I am sleeping at night. Thank you for all you do. Hope to someday meet you in person to thank you! It’s more than a game changer- it is a LIFE CHANGER!

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