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Hard Money Talks Podcast


Money is still seen as such a taboo topic that even parents are uncomfortable talking to their children about it. Society regards money as both profane and sacred, while social and cultural meanings and associations are attached to money.

The Hard Money Talk Show tackles hard financial topics such as financial abuse, spending addictions, financial infidelity, hidden addictions like sex and gambling, marriage issues, mental health, poverty mentalities and so much more!

I love the quote:

This show is all about having HARD Money Talks, especially the ones no one wants to talk about!

Hard Money Talks Podcast

Episode 001

Having to choose your job over your child

When you are forced to choose your job over your child. I brought my friend Shane Sams from Flipped Lifestyle to the show to chat about how he was forced to quit his job after a tragic event that happened to his son.

Hard Money Talks Podcast

Episode 002

Early Financial Childhood Trauma and how it affects us as adults

In this episode, Ed Coambs from and Lauren dig into how family of origin trauma, and family of origin problems related to money affect our spending as adults. Then we discuss how to work forward into making financial progress.

Hard Money Talks Podcast

Episode 003

Am I Bi-Polar or an Impulsve Spender?

My guest this week is Dr. Thomas Richardson. He is a Clinical Psychologist who has researched the link between financial difficulties and bipolar. In this episode, we unpack impulsive spending issues and how to detect if they are related to mental health and/or bipolar disorder.

Hard Money Talks Podcast

Episode 004

What is Financial Abuse in a Marriage – Red Flags and how to get out

99% of Domestic Violence relationships also have financial abuse happening as well. In today’s episode, I talk about my experience with domestic violence and financial abuse. I bring on Genevieve Anderson, a financial wellness coach, to talk about her experience with Domestic Violence and Financial Abuse.

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Hard Money Talks Podcast

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