The Personal Finance Planner

Plan your days and your money in the same place.

Planning out your month's activities, events, meal planning, travel, etc. helps you be organized, right? Most people ENJOY planning out the month. I know I do.

But here's the thing - almost all of those events and activities cost money! So why not plan your finances and your bills in the same place?

Let's go a step further - how about a planner that actually HELPS you plan, set goals, all while staying on a budget and meeting your financial goals?

This Planner will have everything you need to schedule your life while focusing on your finances and spending.

The Personal Finance Planner


  • Compact 6x9 size
  • Durable Metal Spiral Binding
  • Customizable tabs and calendars for each month
  • Thick, full-color pages
  • 4 Full Color Sticker Sheets
  • Monthly budgeting and bill templates
  • Financial Goal-setting pages
  • Weekly schedules and grocery shopping lists
  • 8 Cash Budget Envelopes
  • Custom Box

But... this deal is only good for a few days!!!

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"The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is NOW." - Chinese Proverb

I took the above quote to heart when designing this planner. It's completely customizable to start at ANY time. You do not have to wait until next year to start using this!

Because let's be honest, if you've got the determination and excitement to get started NOW... I know that you don't want to wait!

Using high-quality stickers, you simply add each month to the tabs. And each onthly calendar is fully customizable, too :)

Watch the video below for details on all the pages and layout. Note, however, that the video was shot using a soft cover prototype. The planner you'll be getting is WAY better!

Lauren Greutman

About the Creator 

Lauren is a wife, mom of SIX and a recovering spender who - figured out how to get out of $40,000 of debt. Now Lauren strives to bring others into her circle... to mentor you and teach that, when it comes to managing your finances, "YOU CAN DO THIS!" She is the author of the book 'The Recovering Spender' and of the popular money saving website 

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