New Gluten-Free products at Aldi!

Published on May 5, 2015 By Lauren

I went to do my grocery shopping today, walked into Aldi and screamed!  Why? There was an entire row of NEW Gluten-Free products!  I was so excited!

I took some pictures of the products that I found, these are very limited edition so make sure you head over ASAP to grab them!

My favorite one was the Frozen Gluten-Free Ravioli!  I haven’t eaten ravioli in four years – FOUR YEARS PEOPLE! I am so excited!

Make sure you check out my Aldi meal plans, we have two gluten-free meal plans available.

Here are some of the new gluten-free products:

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  • I just found this article and unfortunately none of the above food items are available any longer, at least at my Aldi’s. They have other delicious GF items but none of these and I would have loved to have this selection of dinners and food items. I wish they would keep a regular line of products and have them week after week so we can continue buying them after we find we like them.

    • I was also very excited when I first saw all of the gluten free products offered at Aldi. Very happy with the ones I have tried so far but if your a pasta lover you must try Barilla pasta. It’s amazing!!!!

    • Well I Live in Alcoa Tennessee and out aldi’s has a 4 foot section of Gluten Free , and a few things in the freezer section . I wish they would carry a lot more gluten free stuff .

  • Alot of the products showen I would definitely buy haven’t had cheese cake in 5 year was excited to see the variety pack but my Aldi don’t carry it along with most showing

  • Also should carry this huge selection all the time. Not just in May. They did the same think to me last year. I was excited to eat General Tso Chicken and GONE. I was sad. Please Aldi……you can see gluten free is popular. Please carry it. Thanks. Amy Hall

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