Mason Jar Crafts – My new favorite ways to organize!

Published on June 7, 2013 By Lauren
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    I have recently become obsessed with Mason Jars and this is my newest project that I did in my house.  I bought a package of the large Mason Jars at the store for around $6.00 (included 12 jars) and have been using them to organize around my house.  This picture was taken in my bathroom, I was getting sick of sticking my hand inside a big bag of cotton balls everyday and thought this was a great idea!

    I screwed the tops off and took out the metal cover so that I can easily slip my hand in to grab a cotton ball or Q-tip.  Mason Jars are such an inexpensive way to store just about anything!

    Here are a few other uses for Mason Jars that I’ve found on Pinterest:




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