How to make extra money with Survey Sites

By Lauren

This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, take a look at my disclosure policy.

This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, take a look at my disclosure policy.

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    The best time to get started with surveys is the new year. No joke – I did this for years to make extra money and it paid for my ENTIRE Christmas! If you're looking for ways to make extra money using survey sites, you've come to the right place!

    I remember this one year… I was flat BROKE.

    I had 2 little kids. One was a newborn. We had just moved and I didn't want to get another job. We were making it by the skin of our teeth.
    And since we were DONE using credit cards, it was a forgone conclusion that there was to be no Christmas present buying this year. But I found a way to make extra money.
    make extra money using survey sites
    I had a secret… I surprised my husband with a secret account where I had earned over $500 in my leisure time! He was amazed… he had seen me take a few online surveys while we were watching TV in the evening, but he had no idea that it turned into real money!

    One of the common questions I get from you all is “How can I make extra money at home”?

    There are so many survey companies out there, and it can get overwhelming to know which ones to trust.  I have come up with a list of 10 legit survey companies that you can use to make some extra cash at home!

    All of these survey companies were ones that helped me to get to my Christmas savings that year – so they have been personally tested and approved by me 🙂

    3-Step Strategy

    1. To make the most out of this side hustle, you honestly might want to sign up for all of them. They all have different payout thresholds, so by using all of them, you could have a more consistent income.
    2. Use a different email address. Especially if you are gonna sign up for many of them, this is a good idea. But these days, most of us have a separate email anyways for things you might sign up for online. Just make sure to check it so you know when some great money-making surveys are available!
    3. Don't spend too much time! Just make sure to do this in your spare time.

    Here are my top 10 survey companies to try:

    1.) Survey Junkie

    This one is relatively new, but VERY promising! They payout VERY fast.

    2.) Opinion Outpost

    This was my favorite one. Super easy, good payouts, and the surveys were actually interesting!

    3.) National Consumer Panel

    Make money just by going grocery shopping! This one is actually kind of awesome… and with a smartphone, it's really easy.

    4.) Harris Poll

    This is a great one for saving for that Christmas fund! Plus – every survey you complete gets you a chance to win $10,000!

    5.) Swagbucks

    I LOVE Swagbucks. In fact, I just used gift cards through Swagbucks to pay for a new dehumidifier last month. They'll give you $5 just for getting started!

    6.) VIP Voice 

    They pay you in the gift card of your choice, surveys are usually quick and you can rack up the points very quickly. You can earn gift cards from VISA, CVS,, and much more!

    7.) Inbox Dollars

    Get paid for reading emails (I actually never read them I just click through them to get my points). Takes seconds per day, the points don’t add up that quickly but spending literally seconds per day, you can earn gift cards quickly!

    8.) My Survey

    Get paid $5 – $75 per survey!

    9.) Panda Research

    Earn up to $50 per survey! Refer friends and receive additional rewards.

    10.) EBATES

    Sign up and get a $10 Amazon gift card right away to use towards your first purchase! You can earn points for opening emails, then trade those points into gift cards. And when you purchase through ebates, the points just keep accumulating.

    I would love to know what your experience has been with survey sites too!  Which ones are your favorites? Have you been able to make extra money?


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  • I use eRewards. Your earn money per survey (25¢ if you DQ) and when I get to $25 to cash out I redeem points with JetBlue ($25 for 50). It adds up fast. I fly a ton and it helped me get a free flight from Tampa to NYC. There is an app as well as a website.

  • I have tried some of the survey sites you recommend. I ALWAYS get ‘I don’t qualify’ fot the survey after i have spent the initial 3-5 monutes. What am i doing wrong?
    Thank you,

    • Vicki, to make sure that you get the best surveys make sure that you fill out your profile all the way. They are looking for very specific people, so if you don’t have kids put that there. Try to get as specific as possible that way they will screen you before you have to spend a few minutes taking pre-qualification surveys.

  • ebates- what do you mean my earning points by opening emails. I am familiar how it works in that when I purchase online and go through ebates- I build up money. and they send me a check. And I can earn money if someone I refer uses my link when they purchase something. But I am having a hard time finding out how to make money in the survey type area. if the idea is to make money… how do you make it without spending it first (I am not going to get a first time credit or a referral credit because most I know already use ebates.) thanks for your suggestions…

  • Great list, Most of the people are receiving their payment correctly, there was the common complain where everyone keeps repeating, the reason they are selecting scams, the scams are cheating innocents by fake promises, keep doing this quality work, keep sharing with us.

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