Join us – 30 days to a Debt Free Christmas Challenge

Published on November 1, 2016 by Lauren

Think about January – are you stressed because you went overboard for Christmas?  You may now be surrounded by Christmas credit card bills, and feeling flat out defeated.  Are you ready to have a debt free Christmas this year?

debt free christmas

Here is our podcast where we talk about this challenge – take a listen!

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How to have a debt free Christmas:

For years, I would have a Christmas hangover in January.  Do you know that feeling of regret because you spent too much money?  I would see the toys that I was still paying for, laying in the bottom of our toy box….unplayed with…unloved.  I remember year after year of feeling that sting of regret, and that I had put us into more debt paying for Christmas presents.

When you don't have any extra money and you are already dead broke – how do you pay for Christmas? This was the question I asked myself every year, and the answer was always – TO CHARGE IT.  I didn't see any other option at that time….

I decided five years ago to stop the crazy process and learn how to have a debt free Christmas.  It took some failure and many uncomfortable changes, but I can say that for the past five years we've had a debt free Christmas and it feels INCREDIBLE!


debt free christmas

That is just what we are going to do this month of November, in our 30 DAYS TO A DEBT FREE CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE.  For the next 30 days I will have a posts about how to spend within your means, how to make extra cash, and how to have a debt free Christmas.

Each day you will get a challenge in your email, so you will need to sign up for my email list below and get a free budget pack to help.

I will also post it in our private 30 days to a debt free Christmas Facebook group, where you all can talk about your challenges, encourage one another, and root each other on.

I am SO excited about this, and my team and I have been planning it for months. I really hope and pray that this challenge will help you this holiday season!

Here is the schedule of what is coming up this month:

November 2nd – How to Set a Realistic Christmas Budget
November 3rd – Hidden Holiday Costs to Add to Your Budget
November 4th – How to Survive the Holidays without Buying Gifts
November 5th – How to mystery shop Your way through the Holiday Season
November 6th – How to make money with homemade Christmas crafts (craft shows, etsy etc.)
November 7th – Make money by helping with holiday services (gift wrapper, personal shopper etc.)
November 8th – Best things to put in an Operation Shoebox box
November 9th – Let go of working mom guilt and create a Holiday within your means
November 10th- Overcoming Holiday Shame
November 11th – How doing a Secret Santa saved us over $1,000 in holiday gifts.
November 12th – 12 Unique Ways to Simplify and Spend Less This Christmas
November 13th – Ways to Create the Perfect Debt Free Christmas For Your Toddler
November 14th – How to evaluate who is on your gift list
November 15th – Establishing a budget per child (3 present rule)
November 16th – Changing the way your kids think about Christmas
November 17th – How to Tell Family Members to Stop Buying
November 18th – How Budgeting Can Keep You From Debt in 2016
November 19th – Minimizing your kids toys before Christmas
November 20th- How an Amazon Wish List will save you hundreds on Christmas Gifts
November 21st – Hidden Secrets to shopping on Black Friday
November 22nd – How to shop at Goodwill for Christmas or resell for money.
November 23rd- Shopping Strategies for Black Friday
November 24th – Shopping Strategies for Cyber Monday
November 25th -How to Save on a Holiday Party
November 26th -Save Money on Christmas Decorations
November 27th – How to Save Money While Traveling During the Holidays
November 28th – Cookie Sharing Party
November 29th -How to Make Your Own Canvas Prints for Christmas gifts
November 30th – Wrap up and Challenge finished!

So – let me know.  ARE YOU IN?

Head on over to the Facebook Group and introduce yourself.  Tell us what you are looking forward to in this challenge, and encourage others!

I am SO excited to see what this month brings!

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