22 Indoor Snow Day Activities

Published on February 13, 2015 By Lauren


Are you sick of having bored kids by being stuck in the house all winter? Here are 22 indoor snow day activities - the perfect kids crafts to keep any kid occupied all day!

I live in New York State, which means we get a LOT of snow! Today my kids are actually home from school due to a snow day, so in order to keep them occupied I started looking around Pinterest to find some indoor snow day activities.

I decided to put together a list of some of the best ones I found, so that you can easily entertain those kiddos of yours too!

Here are 22 of my favorite indoor snow day activities:


Paint the Snow

1.) Indoor Snow Painting – Perfect for toddlers!


2.)  Pom Pom Racing – can also double as a racetrack for cars!


3.) Sticky Window Art  – cool idea!


4.) No Mess Finger Painting – I am loving this idea for my 18 month old!


5.) Paper Plate Ring Toss – All you need is an empty paper towel roll, paint, and cheap paper plates.


6.) Marble Run – Only do this if you don't have small children around. We are going to pass on this one until Abby gets a bit older.


7.) Make your own Skiis out of recycled materials – This is such a clever idea!


8.) Make your Own Hopscotch – My girls love hotscotch, so this will be a hit!


9.) Indoor Croquet – How creative!  My son would love this!

10.) Animal Charades –  Playing charades with children may be the most fun thing in the world. I just printed these off to play this afternoon.
11.) Make Glitter Slime – My girls love anything with glitter.
12.) Easy Paper Lanterns – I am always looking to use toilet paper rolls in crafts. This one is a great idea!

13.) Dish Soap Silly PuddyHow fun is this!  Anything gooey my kids love!
14.) Make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles out of old Toilet Paper Rolls – My son loves Ninja turtles, so this is a fun one for him!
15.) Dinosaur Fossils playdough – We love anything having to do with Dinosaurs, so this is a fun craft for all the kids.
16.) Make your own Button Rings – This one is perfect for older girls!  We love to get buttons at garage sales or thrift stores for cheap!

17.) Q-Tip Star Art – Glue and Q-Tips – can you ask for anything more fun?
18.) Frozen Q-Tip Painting – Anything Frozen themed my girls LOVE!

19.) Paint Sample Puzzles – go out and grab some free paint samples at your local store. Then make your own puzzles!
20.) Printable Lego Game – We have SO many Lego guys that would love to play this with us!
21.) Make Fizzing Hearts – Pretty cool!  I love the look on my kids faces when something unexpectedly fizzes!

22.) Make your own Oobleck – We've made this before and it acts like a liquid and a solid. It is so strange and SO cool!

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