22 Indoor Snow Day Activities

Published on February 13, 2015 By Lauren
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    Are you sick of having bored kids by being stuck in the house all winter? Here are 22 indoor snow day activities - the perfect kids crafts to keep any kid occupied all day!

    I live in New York State, which means we get a LOT of snow! Today my kids are actually home from school due to a snow day, so in order to keep them occupied I started looking around Pinterest to find some indoor snow day activities.

    I decided to put together a list of some of the best ones I found, so that you can easily entertain those kiddos of yours too!

    Here are 22 of my favorite indoor snow day activities:


    Paint the Snow

    1.) Indoor Snow Painting – Perfect for toddlers!


    2.)  Pom Pom Racing – can also double as a racetrack for cars!


    3.) Sticky Window Art  – cool idea!


    4.) No Mess Finger Painting – I am loving this idea for my 18 month old!


    5.) Paper Plate Ring Toss – All you need is an empty paper towel roll, paint, and cheap paper plates.


    6.) Marble Run – Only do this if you don't have small children around. We are going to pass on this one until Abby gets a bit older.


    7.) Make your own Skiis out of recycled materials – This is such a clever idea!


    8.) Make your Own Hopscotch – My girls love hotscotch, so this will be a hit!


    9.) Indoor Croquet – How creative!  My son would love this!

    10.) Animal Charades –  Playing charades with children may be the most fun thing in the world. I just printed these off to play this afternoon.
    11.) Make Glitter Slime – My girls love anything with glitter.
    12.) Easy Paper Lanterns – I am always looking to use toilet paper rolls in crafts. This one is a great idea!

    13.) Dish Soap Silly PuddyHow fun is this!  Anything gooey my kids love!
    14.) Make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles out of old Toilet Paper Rolls – My son loves Ninja turtles, so this is a fun one for him!
    15.) Dinosaur Fossils playdough – We love anything having to do with Dinosaurs, so this is a fun craft for all the kids.
    16.) Make your own Button Rings – This one is perfect for older girls!  We love to get buttons at garage sales or thrift stores for cheap!

    17.) Q-Tip Star Art – Glue and Q-Tips – can you ask for anything more fun?
    18.) Frozen Q-Tip Painting – Anything Frozen themed my girls LOVE!

    19.) Paint Sample Puzzles – go out and grab some free paint samples at your local store. Then make your own puzzles!
    20.) Printable Lego Game – We have SO many Lego guys that would love to play this with us!
    21.) Make Fizzing Hearts – Pretty cool!  I love the look on my kids faces when something unexpectedly fizzes!

    22.) Make your own Oobleck – We've made this before and it acts like a liquid and a solid. It is so strange and SO cool!


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