10 tips on How to save on vacations

Published on April 11, 2013 By Lauren
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     Are you wondering how to afford taking a vacation this year?  Here are 10 easy money saving tips that can help you take your dream vacation for less!

    Warmer weather and summer vacations can only mean one thing: it is time to travel – and many people wonder how to save on vacations! For many, the idea of traveling may seem expensive and out of reach. And so summer after summer they deprive themselves of getting out and seeing the world in fear of busting their budget. But the reality is, savvy travelers know that there are plenty of travel deals to be had! Planning the best, budget savvy vacation does not need to be tricky or even time consuming, it just takes a little research and know how. If you want to learn more about how to save on vacation, you are just a short read away from some of the best money saving tips!

    So pack your bags, grab your sunscreen, and read on about how you too can enjoy a great getaway and save money in the process! You are about to learn everything you need to know about how to save on vacation.

    How to Save on Vacation 

    1. Budget for your vacation.

    This tip is first because it is the most important. You must set a budget for your vacation and then work towards it. During the year, make sure you set aside money on a weekly basis towards this goal. This way, you can pay cash for your trip and not have to charge it (which means you end up paying more with interest fees) and can hopefully enjoy your trip more!

    2. Dine in.

    Eating out while vacationing can eat up a great deal of your budget. Eating out is expensive! When you vacation, eating out is convenient which is why we tend to take advantage of it. Instead, try to limit your convenience eating when you’re on vacation. Instead, try to pack lunches for day trips, or carry high-protein snacks in your bag or purse to get you through the lunch hour. Save the eating out for special meals or group dinners.

    3. Buy incidentals at home.

    Tooth brushes, medications, sun block, and other health and beauty accessories like these can be marked up significantly at resorts and tourist destinations. Plan ahead and pack these items prior to traveling. You will pay as much as ¼ less at home than you would at a hotel gift shop. Yes it means remembering to pack more and making room for it, but it also means a fuller wallet later.

    4. Use coupons.

    You use coupons for groceries, clothing, and more, so why not use them for travel too? Most attractions offer coupons for their venues and services, so print them out to enjoy some discounts! Not sure if the attraction offers them? Just call and ask and they will be happy to tell you where coupons can be found. Some airlines and hotels even offer savings vouchers, so be sure to ask ahead of time.

    5. Browse discount travel sites like Orbitz.

    Browse through a few discount booking sites, and call the airline or hotel to see if they will match or beat the price listed. Whichever method you use to complete your bookings, you will have received the best prices, and possibly receive a refund if another customer books the same service for less at a future time.

    6. Pack efficiently.

    Airlines are notorious for hefty luggage and baggage fees. Airlines charge for extra luggage, so be mindful of how much you are packing. Pack as much as you can in your free carry on item to help lighten the load and the cost.

    7. Travel in the off season.

    Prices on everything are lower in the off-season. Hotels are less expensive in the fall on the east coast, cruises are less expensive in the hurricane season months, Disney is less expensive prior to holiday weekends, etc. Know what the off season is for the area you wish to travel and take advantage of the lower prices!  Use websites like VRBO.com to book homes in the off season and save thousands!

    8. Travel like a local.

    Locals know where the best deals are on dining and entertainment. Try to ask a few locals what you can do for free or less at their city. Look for blogs or websites ran by locals that specialize in activities in their area. By traveling like local instead of a tourist, you are sure to save.

    9. Consider where to cut back.

    Do you really need a $350 a night hotel? Most of the time, a hotel will just be somewhere to sleep so you don’t need to. Consider three star hotel splurge. If you need a rental car, will a standard size do or do you really need a deluxe SUV? Consider where you can cut back and what you truly need. These cut backs can help you save considerably.

    10. Water is liquid savings!

    Drinking water while traveling can save you big bucks. Drink lots of water and stop spending your hard earned money on sodas. Why not carry a water bottle in your purse or bag? Pack an empty water bottle for your carry-on and fill it with water after you get past security. This way you will have something to drink before getting on the plane, without needing to visit an expensive airport shop!

    As you can see, these ten tips are simple ways to really help you save big on travel and save on your vacation. None of them are time or cost consuming, and each one can help you save whether you are taking a simple weekend getaway or a two week vacation over sea!


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