How to save on streaming videos

Published on April 3, 2013 By Lauren

There are many ways to save on Streaming Videos and get rid of cable – so today I will try to help you learn how to save on streaming videos.

The video below shows many different ways on how to save while streaming videos into your home, but I wanted to highlight a few of them below:

  1. Purchase a Roku player – on sale this can cost you under $50.00.  With the Roku player you can stream in Netflix, Amazon, and many other apps.  Paying for Netflix every month is around $10.00, so this is a less expensive option to cable.
  2. Purchase an Apple TV and use FREE Apps from your iPhone to stream through your Apple TV.  If you are an Apple snob like I am, my kids always watch FREE Disney shows on my phone, when I purchased an Apple TV I was able to stream these FREE Disney shows right onto my TV.  Having this free app is a lot cheaper than paying for the full cable package that includes the Disney Channel.
  3. Sign up for Netflix – we use Netflix to stream in our favorite TV shows and movies. Paying $10.00 per month is a lot less than over $60.00 per month for cable.  Our kids have never complained of the lack of television shows that interest them.
  4. Sign up for Amazon Prime for $79.00 per year – you can stream this in through your Roku, Blu-Ray, or Smart TV.  Through Amazon Prime not only do you qualify for FREE shipping on Amazon but you can also rent FREE movies, access their kindle library and borrow books, as well as stream in your favorite TV Shows.  Amazon Prime usually has newer movies and TV shows than Netflix, but sometimes Amazon can be buggy with my Apple TV and not work properly.
  5. Find a Blu-Ray player that you can use to stream in shows from Netflix or Amazon.
  6. Stream videos through your Playstation 3 or XBox 360 for FREE!  You can also purchase a XBox Live Gold Card for around $50.00 a year  ($35 when on sale), and stream in ESPN Live and other cable TV programs.

Whatever Streaming device you choose, they will all save you hundreds a year when compared to the price of cable.


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