10 Frugal Ways to be Eco-Friendly

Published on March 3, 2015 By Lauren

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frugal ways to be eco-friendly

Taking care of the environment is always important to our family, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money doing it.

There are so many frugal ways to be eco-friendly, so here are my top 10 ways to do just that!

frugal ways to be eco-friendly

1.) Buy LED Lightbulbs

Lighting expenses account for 20% of your electricity bill.. By switching to LED bulbs you can save up to $170.00 per light bulb you replace!

To keep the shock of the cost down, don’t go out and buy them all at once because that can be very expensive. When a lightbulb goes out, replace it with an LED one and you will save every time!

frugal ways to be eco-friendly

2.) Buy recycled Batteries

Energizer EcoAdvanced Batteries are the world’s only household battery made from recycled batteries. It is Energizer’s longest lasting alkaline ever, so you don’t have to continue to buy batteries over and over again!

frugal ways to be eco-friendly

They are available in both AA and AAA sizes and can be easily found at Walmart in their Battery Center near the front of the store.

Make sure that you are recycling your old batteries too – many stores have bins in the front of their stores to accept old batteries, so take advantage of those bins.  To find recycling bins for batteries in your area, go to earth911.com.

You can check out BringingInnovation.net for more information on Energizer EcoAdvanced Batteries.

3.) Switch to Homemade Cleaning Supplies

With just a few products you can make your own cleaning supplies using vinegar and essential oils.

You save so much money and also save a lot of materials but reusing the same bottles over and over again. I prefer to use glass bottles for my cleaning supplies, these are my favorite.

4.) Shop at a Food Co-Op

I buy a lot of my pantry items at a local food Co-Op.  You can find one in your area you can go to this co-op finder, you can also read my post about how a co-op can save you money. Shopping at a food co-op also helps you eliminate wasteful spending. You can buy the amount of the foods that you need and you don’t throw as much away.  Often times the products are eco-friendly and organic, so that is better for the environment too.

frugal ways to be eco-friendly

5.) Stop buying paper towels

I buy a two pack of micro-fiber cloths from the Dollar Tree for $1.00. This is what we use for cleaning the counters, dusting, and cleaning the bathrooms. Another frugal tip is to use coffee filters to clean your windows, they act just like paper towels and you can get a huge pack of 200 for under $1.00!

6.) Buy your food locally

Visit USDA.gov to find a farmers market in your area to help you save on fresh produce. You can also purchase locally raised, grass fed beef for significantly less than in the grocery store.  If you’ve never bought beef before, you can read my article on the Complete Step-by-Step Guide to buying farm raised beef.

7.) Use Reusable shopping bags

Many stores offer you a discount if you use reusable shopping bags when doing your shopping. Target gives you $0.04 off your purchase per bag you use, Price Chopper offers $0.04 and many more!

frugal ways to be eco-friendly

8.) Grow your own herbs. 

Growing herbs is SO easy!  I put them in a pot on my back deck, and have fresh herbs all summer long!  This can help you save so much money.

9.) Watch your wasteful spending.

Learn how to make your own chicken broth, buy less processed and packaged items. Take a look at my post on 18 things that are breaking your grocery budget, and see your wasteful spending decrease.

10.) Stop buying dryer sheets

Switch to Wool Dryer Balls instead.  I use them and add some Lavender essential oils to them, it makes my clothing smell so good and without the harmful chemicals dryer sheets can have.

I’ve shared my tips on how my frugal ways to be eco-friendly. I’d love to hear about yours! Leave a comment sharing how you save money while being eco-friendly.

frugal ways to be eco-friendly