FREE Meal Plan – Make 5 Meals for under $50!!

Published on November 13, 2013 By Lauren

This AMAZING Meal plan will get you through the week with ease! My "touch each ingredient once" prep system will have you all set with 5 meals in no time!

I've VERY excited to share this FREE Meal Plan. Why? Let me count the ways:

  1. 5 AWESOME Meals – all designed for the slow cooker.
  2. Designed to be batch prepared in under an hour!
  3. The printable pack is FREE!

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If you've never purchased one of my printable packs before, then I know that you are in for a treat. These detailed instructions will help you get these meals prepared as fast as humanly possible. And these are recipes that I have created and tweaked myself… this is basically the same way I feed my own family 🙂

Meal Plan Pages

My “touch each ingredient once” preparation system tables are included in this printable pack to help you get this prepared very easily.

All of the groceries used to prepare these meals cost me less than $5.000! Much of the reason for this is that I do most of my grocery shopping at ALDI, but you can use this to shop at any store. It might be slightly more expensive at different grocery stores, but still very affordable given the meals you will be making.

Also, these are all freezer meals, but since you will be may be preparing them only a few days in advance, you might not want to freeze them.

I hope you enjoy this plan – because I sure did!


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  • Hi, just stumbled over this little book. i dont have a slow cooker, crop pot … i just cook “normal” is it possible to do this recipies without a slow cooker ? would they be good as well ?

  • Here’s a helpful tip: when filling your freezer bags, put them in a BOWL! Then you don’t end up with crushed tomatoes running all down your oven and all over your floor!! I’m really excited to try all these meals, making the chili one right now. Thank you for sharing these, the charts are SO helpful and clever! I just love your site!

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