Family update – how it is working at home with my spouse?

Published on July 3, 2014 by Lauren


It has been a little over five months since Mark left his career as an actuary, and it's been both crazy and amazing ever since!

You may recall that Mark left his job to come home and work with me here on I am THAT Lady. It was a HUGE leap of faith for us. We decided that being broke was enough for us as a family. The first few days he was home, I cried. I hadn't realized how stressed I was.  After we started settling in, I got really annoyed with him…

I'd been working solo on this website for the past four years, and suddenly I had to train someone to do everything that I was doing AND do my own work at the same time.  It was hard for me to give up control and teach him how to do things. The first month was hard for us as we tried to figure out which roles we were to play. Who was going to do the cooking and cleaning? Who was going to watch the kids? Who was going to do the laundry?  It took us about a month to get into a regular routine. Here's what our schedule is like now:

Mondays and Thursdays – my sister-in-law comes to watch our kids so we can work together for the afternoon.

Mark – Cooks dinner ever night, cleans up around the house, watches the kids while I'm working and traveling. He is also my camera man and does a lot behind the scenes.

Lauren – Continues to run and manage I am THAT Lady, cleans up around the house, laundry, lunch, grocery shopping, meal planning.

We both work together on the Aldi meal plans and have a few other projects going on for this site.

The days without a babysitter can be difficult because we work best together. We try to swap out (I work mornings, Mark works in afternoons) but lately that just means that one of us doesn't work at all.


I'm thankful that we've been able to spend much more time together as a family! We get to go on last minute vacations, and best of all, we get to wake up and eat breakfast together every morning.



What I've learned is that Mark is brilliant (I already knew that) and he has made I am THAT Lady a lot better!  He has created all of the Aldi meal plans from scratch, he helps me with tasks I hate, and allows me to be the creative BIG Thinker that I am. He is a numbers and strategy guy, while I'm a fly by the seat of my pants girl!  This is the same way that we handle money; we are totally different. Yet we have learned how to compliment and support each other when it comes to parenting, marriage, finances, and now being co-workers. It is a special dynamic when your co-worker picks up so much slack!

What we didn't know when Mark quit his job was that God wasn't done with us yet…

When Mark left his job to come and work with me here, we began to pray about our passions and dreams.  We enjoy helping people get out of debt, seeing marriages healed by learning how to handle their money. Lastly, it's an honor to helping people  learn to become  financially independent.  We've realized that I am THAT Lady is but a small piece of that puzzle, and we can do so much more to help you all!

We are creating a few more Aldi meal plans for you all too!

Thank you for supporting I am THAT Lady – every time you come to this site you enable us to help more people!



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