{DIY} Duck Tape Flower Pots

Published on April 3, 2015 By Lauren


Are you looking for an easy last minute Mothers Day gift? I have the perfect gift idea that will cost you under $5.00!


First, you will need small flower pots. I got these for $0.77 each at Walmart.

You will also need Duck Fabric (made by Duck Tape). I found this in the crafting section of Walmart, it comes in sheets and cost me $1.88 per sheet.

You simply take off the backing on the Duck Tape, wrap it around the pot and press it down. It will stick to it just like tape, but feels like fabric.


It takes you about 5 minutes to cover all the pots. To seal the fabric you can use Mod Podge and paint over the fabric.  Once that dries your fabric will be sealed and protected from water.


Fill with your favorite flower and voila – you have a beautiful flower pot set for under $5.00!

You can also make my homemade sugar scrub recipe to go with these (you can see mine next to the kitchen sink in the picture above.)


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