Decorating a Babys Room on a budget

Published on March 28, 2013 By Lauren

I have baby on the brain lately, because I am about to have my Fourth Child!  We found out we were expecting another baby the day after we moved into our new house.  Thankfully we got a 4 bedroom house, but one of the bedrooms was unfinished.


I didn’t want to spend a fortune decorating her nursery, so here are some frugal tips that I have learned along the way when it comes to decorating a nursery.

  1. Paint the room a neutral color if you plan on using it for another purpose in the future.  My husband and I had planned for this bedroom to be my office, but when we found out we were expecting we realized it would have to be a nursery.  We plan on having our 2 girls share a bedroom when they are older, so it only made sense to paint it one time.  We chose a neutral color, that way when it becomes an office we don’t have to repaint.
  2. Use stick on wall decals instead of painting murals.  These are new to me, this is the first time I have used them in a room before..  Since we are planning on having our girls share a bedroom, these can easily be taken off the walls and put up in their new bedroom. Then I don’t have to paint the bedroom again
    • I bought the I am a Child of God decal online for $12!
    • I bought the brown and pink polka dots from Amazon for $10 (I used gift cards I earned from Swagbucks, so they were FREE!)
  3. Buy certain items from Craigslist or consignment sales. I purchased this crib from Craigslist for only $100, it came unassembled and even missing a few screws.  My husband was able to find the missing screws at Lowe’s for only $3.  If purchasing baby equipment from Craigslist, I recommend doing your research and making sure the item that you are purchasing has not been recalled.  This crib was practically brand new, and for 1/3 of the price!
  4. When carpeting a small space, look at remnant carpeting sales. We went to a carpet store that specialized in Remnant carpet.  You can choose from their remnants, which sometimes are WAY cheaper than installing an in-stock carpet at their store.  We choose a higher quality grade of carpet that we would have normally chosen, because it was a cheaper price and there were no hidden fees.  You have to watch out for those large box stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot, they will charge you for for small things like tack strips that can send you over your budget. We were going to have Lowe’s come and give us an estimate, but they wouldn’t even do that until we paid them $39 to come over and measure the room.
  5. Skip the changing table. Our nursery is very small,  we did not have room for a separate changing table, so I am hunting down a changing table pad that I can stick on top of her dresser.  I have found that I don’t use the changing table as much as I thought I would, so going without it has been an easy switch for me.  Changing tables can cost almost as much as the crib, so skipping this option is definitely a frugal idea.

What are your frugal ideas for decorating a baby nursery?  I would LOVE to hear them!!!

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  • We also skipped the changing table. We just bought a basket with a handle at Michael’s and used that with all of our changing gear and it is mobile so we can take it around the house and we don’t have to go all the way to her bedroom everytime we need to change her! I also suggest hanging as much clothes as possible to reduce the amount of drawer space you need so you don’t have to spend has much on those larger pieces of furniture right away when you are buying the crib/car seat/stroller, etc.

  • I also use a changing pad on top of a dresser and love it. Target has inexpensive pads, slap on a coordinating cover (or sew one) and it’s perfect for changing baby. I hung a shelf with cubies in it above the dresser… perfect for diapers and creams, etc.

    Sewing simple curtains saves a ton, too.

    I had my 3rd girl 5 months ago and all I bought new for her room was some sheets. I love how you decorated… I went ahead and painted my girls room just using some craft paint I already had. SO it was free but should they out grow we will have to repaint. But I like painting so no biggie. Here is the link to my cheaply decorated little girls’ room (hope it works!):

  • I splurged on one item for our new baby boy. Since we had the crib and dresser and many other things I purchased an all in one changing table. Its made by Kolcraft, all hard wood very nice piece of furniture. You can view it here, 3-in-1-bassinet. Bassinet (removable) changing table and many other features. This is the best thing I have ever bought for any of my children. I also use it for giving sponge baths.

  • Good job Lauren and Mark!

    One savings tip I used was to buy only 2 covers for my changing pad, a green one and a yellow one. I got mine used from ebay. I then use the many small blankets we have on top of the pad. If the blanket is soiled, I can change it very easily and not have to take off/on the covers, which can be a pain.

    One area we do not try to economize on is carseats. I know, they are not technically part of the nursery, but something I felt strongly about researching and buying quality.

  • I also skipped the changing table. I PT cloth diaper, for a while all cloth, so it made sense to change my son right in the laundry room. I have his changing pad on the dryer, with all of his clothes and diaper needs on wire shelving above the changing area. This also ensures that folded laundry gets put away promplty, instead of covering the dryer. vb;.
    We skipped the majority of the decorations, we did use some vinyl wall clings for our daughter’s room. She outgrew it so quickly, I’m glad that we didn’t go overboard with a baby theme. We painted our own wooden letters and hung them from ribbons. I’ve also seen people paint mis-matched picture frames and hang them from ribbons, very cute!

  • I am in Syr and have about 100 items for the sweet repeats sale just at this time! ALL LITTLE GIRL STUFF!!!!!

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