Christmas Coupon Books – Print these off for FREE!

Published on December 3, 2013 by Lauren

Sometimes, the very best gifts are unexpected gestures of love from those closest to you. If you’ve ever been awakened by breakfast in bed, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Those random acts of kindness are the inspiration behind today’s Crafty Christmas Gift – Printing off these free Christmas coupon books will get you in the giving mood!

This gift is fun on so many levels. It helps you stay on budget when you set a realistic christmas budget. It’s fun for the recipient – having these 12 precious coupons to use throughout the year (or in a period of three days) is a great reward. It’s also fun for the giver, because you never know when those coupons are going to be used! It’s also incredibly easy to make.

christmas coupon books


Christmas Coupon Books:

For this booklet of kindness, you'll need some heavier card stock paper to print the coupons on (take your pick of colors) and some card stock for the covers. You'll also need a little piece of felt to wrap around the binding after you staple the book together.


Christmas Coupon Book

For the coupons, you've got two options: Make your own, or use the coupons I made for this craft. I made two books — one for adults and one for kids — and each book of 12 coupons includes the cover as well as two blank coupons so you can write in your own personal reward.

Here are some print outs for you to create your own coupon booklets:

After you print the coupons, cut them out with scissors (if you've got a steady hand) or use a rotary cutter and ruler. Leave a little extra room on the left edge for the staples.

Christmas Coupon Book

After you've got your coupons printed and cut, it's time to bind them. Shown below are three adult coupons (left) and three kids coupons (right) — although some adults probably wouldn't mind ice cream for breakfast! You can bind them in one of two ways: With a heavy-duty stapler or, if you don't have one, by punching two or three holes along the spine and threading a ribbon through the holes. If you use the ribbon binding, you won't need to glue on felt to cover the staples.

Christmas Coupon Book

After the books are created, all that's left to do is fill out the two blank coupons in each one. Remember: Have fun with it, and don't make any promises you can't keep!




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