Costco vs Sam’s vs. BJ’s: Warehouse Club Price Comparison

By Lauren
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    Warehouse Club Price Comparison: Costco vs. Sam's Club vs. BJ's – which store is cheaper? I'm definitely a fan of warehouse club stores for many products (although not everything), but for lot's of items, they can be great. But if you live in an area that has the big 3 warehouse club stores, Costco, Sam's Club, and BJ's, how do you know which is cheaper? That's why I put together this Costco vs. Sam's vs. Bj's Warehouse Club Price Comparison of commonly purchased items. I hope it helps!!

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Costco vs. Sam's vs. BJ's

    Have you ever wondered which store was cheaper? Costco vs. Sam's vs. BJ's – it's a price comparison I've always wanted to do. So I took the time to go through these huge warehouse stores and compare prices to find the best deals on staple items.

    Today I am going to take your through all three stores to compare the exact same products. We will see through this in depth look which store really is least expensive! Clark Howard posted the first few items in this Costco vs. Sam's vs. BJ's warehouse club price comparison, but this post has the complete list!

    Keep in mind that prices vary per city, so this is just a general look at the price comparison between stores. Also, if the item was on sale when we gathered prices then we still used the regular price. Use these prices for everyday shopping and rock those deals when they come around!

    If you want to see how some other common store prices, you can see my in depth report on Aldi vs. Walmart or Walmart vs. Target.

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    BJ’s – $1.39 (3 lb bag) = $0.47 per pound (TIED!)
    Costco – $1.39 (3 lb bag) = $0.47 per pound (TIED!)
    Sam’s Club – $1.48 (3 lb bag) = $0.50 per pound

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Green Bell Peppers
    BJ’s – $5.29 (4 pk) = $1.33 each
    Costco – No price available
    Sam’s Club – $5.98 (6 pk) = $1.00 each (WINNER!)

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Cheerios Cereal
    BJ’s – $5.39 (40.7 oz – on sale when pic was taken) = $0.13 per ounce (TIED!)
    Costco – $5.39 (40.7 oz – on sale when pic was taken) = $0.13 per ounce (TIED!)
    Sam’s Club – $5.68 (40.7 oz) = $0.14 per ounce

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Jif Peanut Butter
    BJ’s – $8.79 (96 ounces) = $0.09 per ounce (WINNER!)
    Costco – no price available
    Sam’s Club – $10.48 (96 ounces) = $0.11 per ounce

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Skippy Peanut Butter
    BJ’s – $8.99 (96 ounces) = $0.09 per ounce (TIED!)
    Costco – $8.99 (96 ounces – on sale in image) = $0.09 per ounce (TIED!)
    Sam’s Club – no price available

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    White Bread
    BJ’s – $2.49 (2 pack of 20 ounce loaves) = $0.06 per ounce (WINNER!)
    Costco – $3.99 (2 pack of 24 ounce loaves – on sale in pic) = $0.08 per ounce
    Sam’s Club – $3.58 ( 2 pack of 22 ounce loaves) = $0.08 per ounce

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Wheat Bread
    BJ’s – $2.99 (2 pack of 20 ounce loaves) = $0.07 per ounce
    Costco – $4.49 (2 pack of 32 ounce loaves) = $0.07 per ounce (WINNER! by a fraction of a penny)
    Sam’s Club – $3.86 (2 pack of 20 ounce loaves) $0.10 per ounce

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    BJ’s – $2.09 (1 gallon) (TIED!)
    Costco – $2.09 (1 gallon) (TIED!)
    Sam’s Club – $2.50 (1 gallon)

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Kraft American Cheese Slices
    BJ’s – $11.49 (4 pounds of slices – on sale when image was taken) = $2.87 per pound
    Costco – $9.99 (4 pounds of slices) = $2.50 per pound (WINNER!)
    Sam’s Club – $7.98 (3 pounds of slices) = $2.66 per pound

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Kraft Shredded Cheddar Cheese
    BJ’s – $7.49 (2 pounds)
    Costco – no price available
    Sam’s Club – $7.48 (2 pounds) (WINNER! by a penny)

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    BJ’s – $8.99 (4 pounds) = $2.25 per pound (TIED!)
    Costco – $8.99 (4 pounds) = $2.25 per pound (TIED!)
    Sam’s Club – $10.18 = $2.55 per pound (4 pounds)

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Yogurt, GoGurt
    BJ’s – $7.49 (32 count) = $0.23 per serving
    Costco – $6.99 (32 count – Simple variety) = $0.22 per serving
    Sam’s Club – $6.98 (32 count) = $0.22 per serving (WINNER by a penny!)

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Greek Yogurt, Chobani NonFat
    BJ’s – $4.69 (38 ounces) = $0.12 per ounce
    Costco – No price available
    Sam’s Club – $4.98 (38 ounces) = $0.13 per ounce

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Greek Yogurt, Store Brand NonFat 
    BJ’s – $6.99 (64 ounces) = $0.11 per ounce
    Costco – $6.99 (64 ounces) = $0.11 per ounce
    Sam’s Club – No price available

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    BJ’s – No price available
    Costco – $6.49 (3 dozen) = $2.16 per dozen (WINNER!)
    Sam’s Club – $7.13 (3 dozen) = $2.38 per dozen

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
    BJ’s – $1.99 per pound
    Costco – $2.89 per pound
    Sam’s Club – $1.88 per pound (WINNER!)

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Chicken Drumsticks or Thighs (same price for either variety)
    BJ’s – $0.99 per pound (WINNER!)
    Costco – No price available
    Sam’s Club – $1.27 per pound

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Ground Beef
    BJ’s – $3.59 per pound (85% lean)
    Costco – $3.69 per pound (88% lean)
    Sam’s Club – $3.28 per pound (80% lean) (WINNER! although the fat content is different)

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Sandwich Meat – Ham
    BJ’s – $9.99 (2 pounds) = $5.00 per pound (WINNER!)
    Costco – No price available
    Sam’s Club – $6.98 (1.375 pounds) = $5.08 per pound

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Sandwich Meat – Turkey
    BJ’s – $7.29 (2.5 pounds) = $2.92 per pound (WINNER!)
    Costco – $9.89 (3 pounds) = $3.30 per pound
    Sam’s Club – $9.88 (1.375 pounds) = $7.19 per pound

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Sandwich Meat – Variety Pack
    BJ’s – $9.99 (3 pounds) = $3.33 per pound (TIED!)
    Costco – $9.99 (3 pounds) = $3.33 per pound (TIED!)
    Sam’s Club – $12.88 (2 pounds) = $6.44 per pound

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Baby Wipes – Store Brand
    BJ’s – $19.99 (1140 wipes) = $0.0175 per wipe (WINNER!)
    Costco – $19.99 (900 wipes) = $0.0222 per wipe
    Sam’s Club – $17.86 (1000 wipes) = $0.0179 per wipe

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Baby Wipes – Pampers Sensitive
    BJ’s – $24.99 (1024 wipes) = $0.024 per wipe (WINNER!)
    Costco – No price available
    Sam’s Club – $19.98 (808 wipes) = $0.025 per wipe

    Diapers – National Brand

    Each store carried different brands and different varieties. It was impossible for our team to truly compare these products from the stores we visited.

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Diapers – Store Brand (We used size 3 in all varieties to get a true comparison.)
    BJ’s – $22.99 (160 diapers) = $0.144 per diaper
    Costco – $38.99 (210 count) = $0.186 per diaper
    Sam’s Club – $34.94 (252 count) = $0.139 per diaper (WINNER!)

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Toilet Paper – Charmin Ultra Strong
    BJ’s – $28.99 (48 rolls of 209 sheets) = $0.29 per 100 sheets
    Costco – $19.99 (30 rolls of 231 sheets) = $0.29 per 100 sheets
    Sam’s Club – $22.48 (24 rolls of 330 sheets) = $0.28 per 100 sheets (WINNER!)

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Toilet Paper – Store Brand
    BJ’s – $18.99 (36 rolls of 1000 sheets) = $0.05 per 100 sheets (WINNER!)
    Costco – $14.99 (30 rolls of 425 sheets) = $0.12 per 100 sheets
    Sam’s Club – $17.86 (45 rolls of 220 sheets) = $0.18 per 100 sheets

    Paper Towels – Bounty
    Each store sold a different variety (some Soft, some regular size, some Select-A-Size) which made it impossible for a side by side comparison.

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Paper Towels – Store Brand Select-A-Size variety
    BJ’s – $14.99 (12 rolls of 144 sheets) = $0.87 per 100 sheets
    Costco – $15.79 (12 rolls of 160 sheets) = $0.82 per 100 sheets
    Sam’s Club – $16.48 (15 rolls of 142 sheets) = $0.73 per 100 sheets (WINNER!)

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Dishwashing Detergent – Finish All in 1 Powerballs
    BJ’s – $14.99 (100 count) = $0.15 per use
    Costco – $14.49 (145 count) = $0.10 per use (WINNER!)
    Sam’s Club – $13.78 (100 count) = $0.14 per use

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Dishwashing Detergent – Store Brand
    BJ’s – $9.99 (85 count) = $0.12 per use
    Costco – $9.69 (110 count) = $0.09 per use (WINNER!)
    Sam’s Club – $9.98 (105 count) = $0.10 per use

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Plastic Cups – Store Brand
    BJ’s – $7.99 (200 count) = $0.040 per cup (WINNER! yes, by a fraction of a penny)
    Costco – $9.89 (240 count) = $0.041 per cup
    Sam’s Club – $10.68 (240 count) = $0.045 per cup

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Paper Plates – Store Brand, 9 inches
    BJ’s – $11.99 (375 plates) =$0.032 per plate
    Costco – $9.59 (620 plates) = $0.015 per plate (WINNER!)
    Sam’s Club – $15.98 (600 plates) = $0.027 per plate

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Trash Bags – Glad Force Flex 13 gallon Kitchen Bags
    BJ’s – $16.99 (140 count) = $0.121 per bag
    Costco – $15.99 (140 count) = $0.114 per bag (WINNER!)
    Sam’s Club – $16.87 (140 count) = $0.121 per bag

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Trash Bags – Store Brand, 13 gallon kitchen size
    BJ’s – $13.99 (150 count) = $0.093 per bag
    Costco – $13.89 (200 count) = $0.069 per bag
    Sam’s Club – $12.96 (200 count) = $0.065 per bag (WINNER!)

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Toothpaste – Colgate Total Whitening
    BJ’s – $11.99 (5 X 7.8 ounces = 39 ounces) = $0.31 per ounce
    Costco – No price available
    Sam’s Club – $10.79 (5 X 7.8 ounces = 39 ounces) = $0.28 per ounce (WINNER!)

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Toothpaste – Colgate Optic White
    BJ’s – $8.99 (3 X 5 ounce tubes = 15 ounces) = $0.60 per ounce
    Costco – $14.99 (5 X 6.3 ounce tubes = 31.5 ounces) = $0.48 per ounce (WINNER!)
    Sam’s Club – No price available

    costco vs. sam's vs. bj's

    Razors – Gillette Sensor2 Plus Disposable
    BJ’s – $26.99 (52 count) = $0.52 per razor
    Costco – No price available
    Sam’s Club – $26.96 (52 count) = $0.52 per razor (WINNER by $0.03 on the entire pack)

    The results are in!

    Costco vs. Sam's vs. BJ's – Head to Head Unit Pricing Results
    # of Wins/Ties for Best Price
    BJ’s – 15
    Costco – 14
    Sam’s Club – 11

    After seeing the side by side details here in this Costco vs. Sam's vs. BJ's price comparison, we can see that BJ’s is least expensive on more items than the other stores. But it was a hugely competitive matchup! It seems to me that it could be worth it to have memberships to a few of these warehouses if they’re close enough to make it worth the drive.

    What do you think about this, were you surprised at all?



  • What a stupid thing to say, Olin. If you don’t like what’s on the comparison list, move on to do your own comparison shopping.
    Thank you for taking the time to present something to people who are curious and don’t have a lot of experience at multiple warehouse stores, Ms. Greutman.

  • I was strictly BJs for years. I lived right near the Stoughton, MA location and it was a life saver. I moved and joined Costco but rarely go. I prefer BJs 100%.

  • We joined BJ’s after being asked to join that, and Costco of course. I agree BJ’s is much cheaper and worth it. Especially since BJ’s doesn’t pay international retail fees, so they can have more locations here in the U.S.
    As for the amount of food, often times Costco and Sam’s Club appear to have more because there’s fewer locations, therefore all the products are being shipped to one store in an area, rather than 5 in a 100 mile radius. Each BJ’s is not 100% the same and they send coupons for products that are on sale to let people know what to try and buy from the store. Not only that but I get 5cents off BJ’s gas if I shop and get gas – if I had a BJ’s credit card, it would be at least 10 cents off a gallon. Costco and Sam’s Club claim to have low gas prices, but I have never seen evidence of savings (or any potential to save) on gas at Costco or Sam’s.

    • costco gas no idea
      sam’s if you have their cc , 5% off per gallon
      bj’s if you have their cc, 10 cents per gallon off

    • Costco has many more locations than BJ’s…..

      The 5% off of gas is not true, that comes via Sams cc check, Costco/Citibank offers 4% back up to $750.00, via check each February, Sams tops out at a lower threshold…and versus the 2% executive members receive for in store purchases with Citibank/Costco purchases, Sam’s give 1%….bottom line, both net 6%, but advantage Citibank/Costco, because they will pay up to $750.00, Sam’s caps at a lower payout….

      Also, no one has more organic product than does Costco…..and Costco’s Kirkland signature products from food to clothing are top notch and unbeatable compared to, at least Sam’s club…..also, Sam’s will leave/keep their signature rotessire chicken under a heat lamp until they sell it, Costco’s chicken, no longer than 2hours, after which, Costco, “recycles” their chicken into a great chicken salad, or chicken Alfredo(which is far better than the product Sam’s sells(even with taste being subjective)…Sam’s is more about bottom line versus member satisfaction, their dried out chicken, being just one example…

      Costco, sells more wine than anyone, and their KS branded wines are great values….

      Costco, pays its employees much better, has a more diverse employment base, promotes, almost exclusively, from within, and I believe that is evident, from the customer service one receives on a consistent basis @ Costco…

      Sam’s does have one thing that , at least Costco, doesn’t! Junk food. If you’re looking for aisles and aisles of candy and unhealthier choices, then Sam’s club may be for you…..also, every time I’ve been in a Sam’s club, I’m generally “greeted” with a frown vs. a smile that Costco employees exhibit!! Maybe, it’s the pay/benefits package, making that difference?? I also, feel like I have to shower after leaving a Sam’s club…..

      The ancillary services @ Costco are very impressive! From the people pharmacy to the pet pharmacy….unmatched(in a good way) at Costco…..Costco, and its optical dept. are highly rated, as its hearing aid center, as of Sept. 1’st Costco has added it’s Costco travel and rental car service to its impressive list of products its executive members receive their 2% rewards (on/from)….a typical family vacation, if booked on Costco travel, will more than pay for the executive upgrade….

      Looking for a TV? Costco, matches the manufactures’ warranty, use the Citibank Visa to purchase the TV, Citibank warranties another two years, plus the 2% from Costco and another 2% from Citibank…..a very handsome deal…..for executive members…..

      • First off, thank you for the comparison. I did one of my own and yours is very good. I have been a BJ’s customer for years and I have been satisfied with them, Costco recently opened nearby and we took a tour. Based on what I know about how the businesses are run(Ted brings this out rather well) I am most likely going to switch to Costco. It is no myth that they take care of their employees and I appreciate that. Nice post Ted.

  • I have been a BJ’s member for as long as they have been in Ct. I have family that belongs to Costco so I have shopped there on their membership. BJ”S is cheaper than Costco and their membership is less expensive, however, Costco has a larger inventory. I have shopped at Walmart for years and I have recently started shopping at Aldi’s , they compare to one another, I think equally.

    Comparing them to Bj’s and Costco I like the idea I not have to buy in bulk since there is only two of us living I our home.

  • I was member of BJs for couple years and recently I took the membership of Sams
    The big major difference I noticed is you find more USDA certified organic products in Sams, in bjs we rarely find them
    I used to go to BJS once in a month or sometimes even longer gap between my visits, it is not because of distance it is because of things I buy there and they usually sell bulk like two three items together. But after I moved sams I started going to sams almost every weekend or the other, the reasons are I find more organic products as said earlier, most of items packaged small like in any other general stores so you do not need to buy a lot when you do not need and variety of food.
    Bjs has coupon systems, I used save at least $8 avg on each trip with the coupons and sams does not have coupon system but they have discounts on items. Bjs does have discounts as well.
    Prices might appear higher in sams as you might find more organic products but I do not see much difference though but I started buying more in sams because I feel like I am buying for a week and healthy stuff.
    In bjs, non food related you find more varieties like tissue papers, or dish liquids etc.. where as sams has limited variety when comes to non food.
    Sams club customer care sucks, I supposed to receive $20 joining promotion gift card and I called customer care for many times in last 4 months and still I have not received my gift card.

  • I like the comparison list. I used to shop at BJ’s but now that a Costco has opened up in our area we went to look around to do a comparison of our own
    I myself like the item selection at Costco and non food items are cheaper at Costco than BJ’s but Costco is further from my home than BJ’s I think what it will come down to is that Costco offers a cash back program on their membership card without having to open up a line of credit and if your cash back at the end of the year is equal or less than the cost of their standard membership they will refund you half the cost of elite membership, which I think is $110
    So I’m going to try it for a year and see what happens.

  • The lunch meats that you compared at Sam’s were their premium lunch meats in the deli section. If you go to the cold foods section (next to the frozen foods) you will find ham and turkey sliced meats that are much closer in quality and price.

  • Thanks for the comparisons and the comments from you all!

    I’m currently deciding which membership to go with. We have all three where I’m at and we will only be here for one more year at the most (military).

    I feel like I’m constantly at the store and to be blunt, our Aldi’s sucks. I think I pretty much give up with them.

  • I would love to know how they compare for organic foods. BJ’s has a very good selection of well-priced organic foods, but I’m considering switching to Costco because it is closer to my home and Groupon is currently offering a good deal on membership.

  • Great comparisons, and great comments from all. We buy mostly all of our staples from BJ’s and some food items. You can’t beat the selection of organic, fresh fruits and veggies, and fantastic and friendly customer service at our local Wegmans in Downingtown PA.

  • The products are not the same brand so there is no COMPARISON.
    As for the Ground Beef… Fat content has a direct relation to price per pound.
    This article is not helpful. You need to price the SAME EXACT item brand weight, count, etc.

    • RB – just a comment that comparing sizes using a unit of measure (per oz, per lb, per plate is what consumers do and what this comparison did. Unless there is a large difference in size, customers are used to comparing across different sizes. This was a very good comparison……..

  • This was a very good comparison for people to have a general idea, thank you.
    However in quality, costco has more products of good quality items I will rather buy than trying to save some pennies to get less quality. I also get most of my healthy foods in costco, each time i have visited sam’s club or bj’s, i have so many items left on my list because they do not carry them

  • I would like to have seen more comparisons of long term shelf stable items: canned goods, oatmeal, nuts, dried fruit, spices, baking needs, etc. Problem with many of the items seen here is that you can’t store them for more than a week or two anyway, so you can’t stock up for the long term, which is why I would go to a warehouse store. I was pleased to see the paper products, trash bags, detergent, etc. here.

  • Costco quality of goods and services trumps anything at Sams or BJ

    Costco membership and Citi co branded VISA offers:
    4% back on Gasoline worldwide, including Costco gasoline on the first $7000.00 in gasoline purchases annually, then 1% after.

    That gives you the freedom to purchase gas anywhere unlike BJ and Sams
    Also Costco gasoline is Top Tier, unlike BJ and Sams.

    And read the fine print on BJ and Sams credit cards, they are not true cash back cards… its only offered as a credit. Costco Citi VISA is a check mailed to your house every November that can be redeemed for green cash.

      • We get a check at every February from SAMS for our cash back where we can cash it or use it for anything we want.

        We just bought plane tickets and a week later I had over $300 credited to my SAMS card that I could use for groceries so I am not sure where you are getting your intel from but it is misleading.

  • It would be interesting to see how boxed compares with these. There is no membership fee, they give cash back rewards and they deliver straight to your door. (Very high on my list as I live in NY and don’t have a car)

  • I shop at all three stores. Customer must be aware that BJS packages are smaller. count.
    Costco package items are larger count.
    Sam clubs packages are a large count
    All three carry different name brands in products, BJs sometime you can get better buy if you use the store coupon and your coupon from the newspaper.
    I compare prices with coupon and with newspaper coupon to see , if the product is a better deal at BJs, sometime it is not when item comes in smaller package

  • I went to Costco to check prices because I am already a Sam’s Member.

    They wouldn’t even allow me through the door unless I had a membership card despite only doing a recon mission on prices.

    So I was forced to go through their sales pitch before I could just take a look.

    After I walked around for a bit I left and told the manager just how I felt about her wasting my time and have never stepped foot in the place again.

    Attitude is everything and if you are going to bother me then I will take my money elsewhere.

    When the economy was bad you were their best friend and loved you. When it is good then you are just another number.

    I like Sam’s and get great numbers on my families glasses.
    For their selection food is relatively cheap but meat is outrageous.
    I counter that because I can shop at the local military base which still, they charge you a 5% surcharge on all food items but it comes out cheaper depending.

    My feeling is that if they want your business then act like it instead of gouging and having an attitude because there is always someone else that will beat them out if they aren’t careful.

    • Here is a little Costco Tip – have someone you know get you a Costco gift card next time they shop there. It can be as little as $5.00. They let you shop if you have a gift card without a membership 🙂

    • I have the same experience with Costco, when i was comparing the clubs, that just help me decide for Sams Club, I mean, if my products are great, my quality is better and have more variety why not let people see it?

  • I go to the BJs in Flemington, NJ because they carry all I need and they treat me like family! I say that because I am disabled in that I cannot walk at this time and they help me do the things I need to do in order to have a successful shopping trip. They get me a scooter (brought to the car) and they help me check out!!! Oh yeah, most importantly, they help me stuff the trunk with the food!!! Sure other stores may have more (like the costco next door) but I do not need to shop a store that has the dimensions of Giant Stadium!

  • I have been a member of Costco and Sam’s for a long time. I DO take advantage of the 5% cash rewards on gas and groceries and Christmas at Sam’s (have two gas guzzlers). Sooo, I do the shopping, I pay the bills, I decide which store to shop. Sam’s is closer, so over time we have earned quite a tidy sum of cash rewards! HERE’S THE CATCH: I’m the wife. Sam’s DOES NOT recognize me when it’s time to cash in the rewards check. They refuse to even let me put it towards the groceries purchased. They explain that the bank on the Sam’s credit card will only let the priority member (my husband) cash the check. Note here that my husband does not shop, need I say more? SO HERE’S WHAT I DID! I now spend most of my time and our money at Costco’s because they do NOT have this same prejudice to the lowly wife who does all the “work”. Just MY way of getting back at Sam’s and their little banker. And, I’m loving Costco’s!! Winner, winner – much much more than a chick’n dinner!!

  • Agree. I’ve tried all three, and BJ’s is our preferred club. The pricing and product choices are better and more suited to us(me and my friends). The Club Hours are better as well, in fact in NJ, I even remember not minding driving more just to get to BJ’s.

    Unfortunately, I had to move to a state(TX) that don’t have BJ’s. I still wish we have BJ’s in our new place.

  • For what it’s worth, if you take Sam’s club out of the mix, it’s a tie. For the 11 products where Sam’s was the winner, BJ’s had the 2nd best price on 3, Costco had 2nd best on 4, and there was no comparison on the remaining 4 (e.g. Green Bell Peppers). The counts would then have been BJs 18, Costco 18, no comparison, 4. In the end, it will come down to the products that your family needs. You do need to pay attention to product and package size though. For example, the sheets of Charmin toilet paper at BJ’s are more narrow than the ones from Costco (it’s immediately obvious). The packaging is also different – 8 or 10 rolls per grouping in the BJ’s package versus 6 in the Costco package. BJ’s Bounty paper towels are not individually wrapped inside the package either. BJ’s sells cases of Gatorade as 24 x 20oz bottles, Costco has 35 x 16oz bottles, both are $15.99. And finally, fat content in ground beef DOES make a big difference. Next time you’re at any grocery store that sells multiple varieties of fat content, compare the price per pound of the 80%, 85%, and if they have it, 90%. The higher the percentage (e.g. lower fat content), the higher the price.

    BJ’s membership is $55 where I am. Costco is $60. No Sam’s club in the local area so I can’t compare there. Costco liquor and supplementary services have been far better where I live (saved over $5000 on a car purchase years ago). Both BJ’s and Costco do coupons. BJ’s makes you clip and redeem them and as far as I know, supports usage of manufacturer coupons. Costco only accepts their own coupons, but automatically applies them to all purchases so no clipping necessary.

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