Birthday Freebies – Free food and gifts on your birthday!

Published on January 9, 2019 by Lauren

Ever wonder where the best places are to get Birthday Freebies? Wouldn't you like FREE food or gifts on your birthday?

Sign up for the links you would like below and a few weeks before your birthday the offers will start rolling into your email and your mailbox!  Many of these offers will direct you to sign up for the email list, make sure you check that you want correspondence from them on offers and deals so you won't miss out on your FREEBIES!

For more freebies, check out my list below:

As always, I recommend to set up a separate junk email folder that you use only for coupon/deal sites that you sign up for.

  • Restaurants update their offers and websites often, I try to keep this list updated, but if an offer changes or link changes, and I didn't catch it, please let me know 🙂

FREE Birthday Food/Drinks:

FREE Retail Deals:

I am always searching for more birthday FREEBIES, so you can contact me to let me know if you find others!


  • Great info thanks, it’s my birthday and my getting around without pain would be my birthday wish, lol . All of a sudden I’m staving for making this birthday is actually a happy birthday, q
    Thanks again, Ray

  • Is there such a coupon as one free item for birthday and one free item for companion? It’s not fair to make friend pay full price for their item .

    • No, that is not a thing. You get the freebie so you will bring in a friend with you who pays. They don’t actually care it is your birthday. You really need to grow up, kiddo. Life is not fair and nothing is actually free.

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