Best Ways to Sell Used Toys Online

Published on February 11, 2016 By Lauren

Best Ways to Sell Used Toys Online

Is your home overwhelmed with kid-clutter? Do you have toys in every nook and cranny of the basement, the garage, and the kids’ bedrooms? It might be time to thin out what your children own, especially the items that are no longer seeing use. You may think donating everything is the best way to rid your clutter, but if you have items in great shape, you could earn some cash for them. The 5 best ways to sell toys online as well as some tips for doing so are listed below; they are sure to offer a little extra padding in your wallet this month.

Before you sell anything you will want to take an inventory of what you have.

  • Pull together all the toys that you would like to sell and give them a close evaluation.
  • Is anything broken or missing pieces? If there are missing pieces, do a thorough search for them and (hopefully) locate them before you decide what to sell.  Anything that is broken or missing pieces should be donated or tossed out.
  • Give everything a good cleaning. Do not try to sell anything with dust or dirt on them.
  • Bonus Tip: Sometimes toys or board games with missing pieces can be separated into parts and sold as a missing pieces lot. Someone who is missing all the yellow tokens for a game might want to buy them from you. It never hurts to try.

Best Ways to Sell Used Toys Online

Document Your Items

Take pictures of everything with a digital camera. Make sure the pictures are taken in a well lit area and clear of distractions (like other toys or clutter), especially if you are planning on listing the toys yourself. Even if you are sending your toys off for another company to sell, take pictures for your own records (and don’t delete until the window for returning the item passes). Keep records of when you send items out and what they are boxed with in case anything goes missing.

Now that your item is ready to be sold, here are your options.

With just one prepaid shipping box, you can clear out your home and let someone else deal with the hassle of taking pictures and listing them for sale. will inspect your gently used toys (as well as clothes, books and games) and sell them for you. All you have to do is decide if you’ll accept the list price. If you choose to pass on the offer, you can have them ship it back to you or they will donate the items.


One of my preferred ways to sell online is through Facebook selling walls. In my area, there are at least a half dozen different groups to use but I usually only need one to sell my items. You take the pictures and list the items in the group on Facebook. There are no listing fees involved so you could earn more money with your listing than a paid service.

You will have to arrange to meet with someone for the exchange or you can place it on your porch and allow the person to come pick it up. With this option, you have to give out your address and trust that they will leave the money for you. This is best for items that you won’t miss if the item is taken without payment (this has never happened to me, but I have read about a couple of people who have experienced this). With a higher cost item, it might be best to set up a meeting time in a public place and bring someone along.


Craigslist offers a platform for buying and selling with little hassle. This is similar to using Facebook to sell. For those people who avoid social media, this might be the best way to sell your items locally. There are no fees involved in the transaction but you will be meeting someone either at your home or at a public location.


Fulfilled by Amazon is a great way to sell toys, especially brand new ones. Many people are using FBA to bring in side income or even their full time income. When you have an item to sell, ship it to Amazon and they will pack and ship the item for you. Returns and customer service is also offered through FBA. There is a great guide to get you started with FBA.


The original location for selling your items online is still a great option with eBay. Your audience is worldwide so you will have a better chance of selling the item quickly and for more money. eBay is also best for collectible and valuable items where a local Facebook group might not yield enough interested buyers. However, you will pay listing fees as well as fees from Paypal when you receive your money. You will also be responsible for a the leg work it takes to get it sold. This might be a good option if the free local listings don’t work out.

Selling toys online is a great way to clear out the clutter in your home and make a few extra bucks. If you are looking for some side income, selling toys online just might be the avenue for you to do this. Have you sold anything online before? Which site did you use?

Best Ways to Sell Used Toys Online

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