How cooking with an ALDI Meal Plan will Save you Thousands per year!

Published on October 16, 2017 by Lauren

The creation of the ALDI meal plan really started when my husband and I were in $40,000 of debt and we were running at a $1,000 deficit each month. Something needed to change . The fastest way to cut down our deficit and see immediate results was at the grocery store. I started shopping deals, clipping coupons, and taking advantage of stock-up sales.

But then, ALDI.

With ALDI, it's like everything is always on sale! I started wondering Why is Aldi so cheap? Once I became an ALDI convert and was saving big bucks, I still needed to save time.

Thus, the ALDI Meal Plan was born.

aldi meal plan

My husband and I created our first ALDI Meal Plan just for us. We were trying to cut bills, time, and stress for ourselves. However, it didn't take us long to realize that these meal plans could help more people than just us. It also gave us drive to improve them, make them easier to understand and come up with more and more awesome recipes that actually taste good in a crockpot.

A Freezer Cooking Dump Recipes Plan is the only way I know of to make 20 dinners in under 3 hours for $165. Yup. You read that right.

20 meals.


Three hours.

I can't imagine anything that will reduce your grocery bill, time, or stress more than that.

If you're still on the fence, you can try a FREE mini Aldi Meal Plan and see what all the buzz is about.

If you're new to Frugal Meal planning or Freezer Cooking, and have no idea what an ALDI Meal Plan is, here's some quick explanations:

What is Meal Planning?

In it's simplest terms, Meal planning is figuring out what you're going make for meals in advance. You make all of these decisions at once so they aren't looming over you on Wednesday at 4:30pm when the crazy dinner scramble hits. Here is an in-depth

Here is an in-depth explanation of the how and why to meal plan that is worth your time, but let me give it to you in broad strokes:

  1. Look at what is on sale at the grocery store (which is basically ALDI- all day, everyday)
  2. See what side items would go with it or you already have in your pantry
  3. Go to the store ONCE and pick up everything you need for ALL the meals you'll make from your plan
  4. Get out, thaw, prep, or plan when and how to put the meal together
  5. Cook and enjoy your low-stress, low-cost, pre-planned meal
  6. Kick up your feet while the kids do the dishes

What is Freezer Cooking?

Freezer cooking is making meals or putting recipes together with the purpose of freezing for later. You make them to cook at a different time. Go ahead. Thank “you of the past” for doing all the work beforehand.

The Crockpot (or slow cooker) is freezer cooking's best friend. They can make magic together. But here's the thing – with Freezer cooking, you can't just make and freeze any ole' recipe. The freezer can do strange things to certain ingredients. Not only that, not every recipe works in a crockpot. The crockpot can destroy a meal if it wasn't made with slow cooking in mind.

Believe me, I found out the hard way.

But Freezer Cooking and using the crockpot are both so darn convenient, that I just had to make them work in my favor.

We are also loving the Instant Pot – check out my Instant Pot Review to learn more about this fantastic kitchen tool!

Put them together and what do you get? The ALDI Meal Plan

Here's what's awesome about these ALDI Meal Plan recipes – I've worked all the kinks out of freezer cooking and crockpot cooking. There's no guess-work left for you. I already made all the mistakes myself and fixed them for you!

Here's what you get when you try out one of our ALDI meal plans:

  1. A pre-made shopping list with everything you need for every meal
  2. Our Fool-proof “1-touch ingredient system”
  3. Step-by step packing, freezing, thawing, cooking, and serving instructions
  4. Quality ingredients and meals using ALDI products
  5. A low-stress after work dinner hour
  6. Happy kids
  7. Full bellies
  8. Top-notch leftovers (or not)
  9. 20 delicious meals for under $165

If you are having trouble picturing what it looks like to make one of our full meal plans, check this out:


These meal plans are digital downloads so you have instant access!  They will help you save THOUSANDS per year, I promise! PLUS – they're all on sale right now 🙂

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  • Hi Laura,

    I really like your meal plans from The Aldo store. Any thoughts of creating one just for diabetics with low carbs and low sugar? That would be greatly appreciated by so many of us! Thanks for all you do and share.

  • I replaced my crockpot with an Instant Po recently (which I LOVE!). Are these easily converted to for use in Instant Pot?

      • Thank you!! Have been using your meal plans and only yours since November 1st. Just got instant pot for my bday and was curious how to change this over

  • I kept meaning to ask you to convert these recipes to be instantpot friendly but never got around to it. Thanks for reading my mind lol.

  • Do your books include how to convert from slow cooker to IP? I would like a complete library of freezer meal planning that I can convert to my IP.

  • Just started shopping at Aldi and want to get more organized and consistant with home cooked meals. I want to start with two of these books…which two would be most suggested to start with/

  • Gluten-free here. Which collection would be best for me? (No bread, bread crumbs, pasta, condensed cream soup.) I don’t mind buying a book with a few gluten-containing recipes, as long as most recipes are safe for me.

  • From this onward, I will follow those rules stated above. Is it hard when you started the Aldi Meal Plan? Just curious about it! Thanks! And what can you suggest? We are a family of 5 and my kids rarely eat meats and vegetables. They really hate it!

  • Hi! I purchased your 20 Slow Cooker Freezer Meals #4 and just assembled all the meals a couple days ago. Thank you for the amazing organization of this!! I went to a freezer meal making party a couple of years ago and we did each recipe one at a time. Your way makes SO much more sense!

    Tonight, I made the Chicken Parmesan Casserole for my family. My three-year-old and five-year-old generally refuse to eat anything new, but they both ate their dinner tonight and asked for more! I think they especially loved the bread crumb topping.

    One thing I noticed, however, is that the chicken was ready in half the time (I put it on high so it would be ready in four hours as directed but it was ready after only two hours). I think the reason is that my crockpot must be larger than the one you use. What size crockpot did you use to make these meals?

    Thanks again!!

  • How do I found out what recipes are in each plan? I’m a pretty picky eater, so I want to know how many of each one I think I’d actually eat before buying a plan.

  • I just wanted to say that I purchased the Comfort Food meal plan a couple of weeks ago and assembled it that weekend — the only one I didn’t make was the chili because I always make Cincinnati chili ;-). Anyway, we’ve now eaten 5 of the meals from the plan and I have to say they have been consistently YUMMY and we are VERY pleased with this purchase. Not only the delicious recipes, but how easy it was to put it all together, and of course just dumping them into the crockpot & letting it cook — SO EASY!

    FYI, I do have an Aldi nearby (in California, in the High Desert north east of Los Angeles) and bought everything there and then compared my prices to yours. Some of my purchases were lower cost than yours, and some were more expensive, but it averaged out to about the same.

    So, THANK YOU for putting these plans and instructions together! I am a happy customer. 🙂

  • Hi! I love your meal plans, I bought all 4 of the ones that you have available. I’ve seen other ones, such as the grilling one or the one with a holiday meal, but I can’t find all of them. Are they still available to print out? I’m hoping they are because the ones I have make my life so much easier.

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