7th ALDI Meal Plan – Grilling Edition

Published on May 16, 2015 By Lauren

*Unfortunately, this meal plan has been discontinued, BUT, don't worry, all of the recipes that were a part of it can be found below, for FREE! To view our current meal plans, click HERE.

Get out your grill and prepare for a fun season of outdoor cooking with this grilling meal plan!

Get out your grill and prepare for a fun season of outdoor cooking with this Grilling ALDI Meal Plan! Every recipe included in this meal plan is BRAND NEW. Amazing grilling recipes PLUS amazing side dish recipes!

For around $155 at ALDI, you will have enough food to prepare 20 meals on the grill, including side dishes/vegetables. We surveyed our loyal readers a couple months ago about our ALDI Meal Plans, and here's what we found:

  • You want a grilling meal plan ideal for the summer
  • You love freezer cooking, but want it even easier
  • More fresh vegetables
  • Low carbohydrates
  • All new recipes

It took A LOT of work, but this plan accomplishes all of that! Every meal has at least a pound of meat (beef, chicken, pork, salmon, turkey) and an awesome side dish. Oh, and the printable pack is AWESOME with this plan! Here's why:

  • Instructions to prepare marinades and freeze with the meat
  • Side dishes have their own pages that correspond to the main dish recipes
  • To ensure fresh vegetables, there are 2 smaller shopping trips after the initial trip to get more vegetables

As always, this meal plan is designed around a family of four. So if your family is bigger or smaller, you will need to adjust amounts accordingly.

If you eat gluten free, this is very easily adaptable. If you eat paleo, this is very easily adaptable. If you are a vegan… well, grilled meat is the main attraction here, so it won't be as easily adapted (but I'm not opposed to creating a vegetarian meal plan in the future).

Prepped Meals

This is sort of a hybrid freezer cooking plan… here's why. Firstly, because this meal plan provides fresh vegetables for most of the sides, they aren't conducive to freezing. Most of the main dishes will be prepped and then frozen, but you will still need to prepare an easy side dish when you cook the meal. Secondly, there are 2 fish meals (tilapia and salmon). Since the fish filets come frozen and vacuum sealed, it would be best to thaw only when you are preparing the meal to cook.

But still – this is a HUGE time saver. Now granted I am kinda fast in the kitchen, but it seriously only took me an hour to prepare 16 main dishes. And the kitchen wasn't that bad afterward (at least that's what Mark said).

Here are the dishes:

Note – if you get the printable pack (highly recommended) – you will get the recipe side dishes for FREE! I've never included bonus recipes like that before.

Grilling Collage with Button

We have prepared an AWESOME printable pack for you that will make both your shopping trip and your preparation as easy as possible! It includes:

  • Detailed preparation instructions
  • Detailed shopping list organized by store section
  • All recipes
  • Calendar with recipe designed to optimize vegetable freshness
  • List of pantry items
  • FREE fresh vegetable BONUS side dish recipes
  • As always – only $8.97! And you will be emailed an immediate download.

Buy Now for $8.97

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