5 Super Secret Ways to save even more at ALDI

Published on June 21, 2016 by Lauren

You all know I love ALDI grocery stores!  I am actually kind of obsessed with them, and I make that very well known here.  After all, I've created entire Aldi meal plans surrounding their products.

Did you know you can save even more money at Aldi using 5 super secret ways?  I am so excited to share these, because not only can you save BIG at Aldi by just shopping there, you can now save even more money using these apps:


5 Ways to Save Money at ALDI:

1.) Download Checkout51 App

First you will want to download the Checkout51 App. First, make sure you browse their offers and buy products at any store. Then, upload your receipt using Checkout 51. They'll confirm your purchase and credit your account. When your account balance reaches $20, you can cash out and they'll mail you a check.

As an example – if one of their offers is $0.50 off eggs, you can purchase eggs at Aldi, and get $0.50 into your Checkout51 account.

2.) Download the ReceiptHog App

Download the ReceiptHog App and use referral code huf61958. Scan your ALDI grocery receipt into the app and earn coins. Trade those coins in for gift cards to Amazon or cash via paypal.

You can upload up to 20 receipts per week and no more than three from the same store in the same day. Here is the breakdown of how many coins you can earn per receipt:

  • Less than $10 spent = 5 coins
  • Between $10-$50 spent = 10 coins
  • Between $50-$100 spent = 15 coins
  • Over $100+ spent = 20 coins.

3.) Download the Shopmium App

The Shopmium App is another app that gives you extra money back on your grocery purchases. Sign up for the app using my referral code KGHGFKKH and get a Free Lindt Chocolate Bar!

It is not tied to any specific grocery store, but tied to the products you purchase. These tend to be name brand products, but often times you can find them in ALDI stores. ALDI actually has a decent amount of brand name products in their store, using the Shopmium App will help you save even more!

4.) Download the Fetch Rewards App

Check out Fetch Rewards. It's a free app that turns grocery receipts into rewards. Just scan your ALDI grocery receipt, and earn points towards awesome rewards. You'll earn at least 1% on all listed brands and products, and gain access to exclusive offers that earn you even more points. No more entering codes, completing tasks or jumping through any hoops! Just scan your grocery receipt, and get rewarded.

Use my referral code, UGMAP, during signup and you'll get 2,000 Fetch Points ($2.00 in points!) just for starting.

Download Fetch Rewards free here.

5.) Download the Flipp App

Before shopping at ALDI, check the prices of items compared across all your local stores.  For example: If I have to stop and grab milk, I will check the Flipp App and search for milk. Flip will then sort the prices for milk in my area, and show me the best price.

Don't always assume Aldi has the lowest price, doing a quick search in the Flipp App can provide you with an even better deal!

I hope these 5 ways to save at ALDI can help you save even more money while shopping there! It may take a few more minutes when you get home, but for a few extra dollars per week, I think it's well worth the time!

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  • No ALDI store in western Colorado. What a shame!!!!!! My daughter is a long-haul trucker and we’ve shopped ALDI stores in other states. We have a Savalot here and it is a far cry from ALDI. I only wish we could enjoy some good shopping.

  • Where I live in Bronx there isn’t 1 but have gone 2 others. Last time I went there no prices in the section near freezer + when asked mgr(female) she answered with an attitude like I was bothering her. It is her job 2 act like a mgr + when I had 2 ask her again she didn’t like it. She had all the tags with prices do have was I supposed 2 no what prices r. Also it’s hard 2 find worker who can answer u questions ex. Do u have this item again do u have any stock in back. I like potato patties + told wouldn’t have again. However when I went last week patties were in freezer + bought 2 pjs. Also male cashier(Can’t remember his name) was very nice 2 me + patient. I’m 66yrs old disabled + he took all my stuff + place it 4 me where baskets r put. He looked Hispanic but don’t really know. What a difference between cashier that works hard on his feet + me that has nasty attitude! My phone 347-485-0403 I love going 2 u store on 117 St. Go there with Access A RIDE with Scarlotte my yellow lab retriever service dog named Scarlotte woof woof. Didn’t take her this time cause had ear infection + 2 cold but she has been welcomed in u store all the time. Sincerely Diana Valle Scarlotte woof woof Bella woof woof

  • I tried those apps. It is a lot of extra work for very little return. Not worth doing their market research for them.

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