Where Everyone Is Saving with Senior Discounts (45 Businesses)

Published on February 29, 2016 By Lauren

So many places offer discounts to seniors, but sometimes the details can be a bit hard to pin down.  The best rule of thumb is to always ask if a senior discount is offered!  Some places will even match a discount even if they don't offer one themselves.  This article is packed with some of the best discounts available at a variety of different venues, but never forget to ask.


You might be able to save a TON of money with senior discounts. Check out this list of 53 discounts!

Senior Discounts: What You Need to Know

One of the basic questions is who qualifies as a senior anyway? Surprisingly, it varies depending who you ask. Senior discounts might start at 50, 55, 60, 62, 0r 65. Go figure! Some places make you show your ID, others will take your word for it, and some ask for a membership card like AARP.

Most senior discounts are 5 – 10% off which doesn't sound like a lot. If you combine this with other frugal living strategies, coupons, money-saving tips, it could add up to big savings during your retirement.

Grocery Stores

Your grocery bill is one of the expenses that could be costing you excess money during your retirement. I have listed some other major ones in this post.  Fortunately, grocery stores are one place that seem to offer senior discounts. Their terms vary a lot, though, so I recommend you check your favorite local grocery store for specifics!  

1. Gristedes Supermarket – 10% off every Tuesday for shoppers over 65

2. Albertsons – 10% off first Wednesday of the month for shoppers 55 and older; call to see if your store participates

Some stores offer a more regular discount every week, but at only 5%.  These include:

3. Publix – 5% at various times, but policies differ by state; call to verify

4. Shoprite – their website indicates each store is independently owned and operated, so it's best to call for the discount amount and participation dates

5. Harris Teeter– 5% every Thursday to shoppers 60 and older

6. Tops Markets – Young at Heart Day offers a 6% discount to Seniors 60 and older on the first Tuesday of the month (you have to enroll for this at the service desk)

Kroger, Wegmans, and Price Chopper – stopped offering their senior discount programs


Almost every restaurant has a senior discount of some kind, from a percentage off to a special menu just for seniors (these are smaller portioned, too). When in doubt, the available discount is around 10% off, but you should always ask!  Since there are just too many to name, I will try to highlight the very best deals you can find.  One last tip: You may need to show your AARP card to get some of these discounts.

7. Carrabba’s Italian Grill – 10% off with your AARP card (excludes alcohol, gift cards, tax, and gratuity)

8. Denny’s – 15% off with your AARP card

9. Outback Steakhouse – 10% off  food and nonalcoholic beverages with your AARP card

        10. Burger King – 10% off to patrons 60 and older

        11. Chilis – no uniform discount policy for seniors; call your location for details

        12. Friendly's – 10% off meal for diners 60 and older

        13. Waffle House – 10% off food and beverages for seniors 62+


The discounts on car rentals are actually really good with all the major companies offering a discount.

14. Hertz– Travelers 50 and over get 20% off base rates plus additional program benefits

15. Avis– 30% off with an AARP card

16. Alamo – offers a “Senior Circle,” but the discount is not specified on their website

17. Amtrack – provides passengers 65 and older 10% off most fares, but read their terms and conditions for more information

Greyhound seems to have taken their discount fare information off their US site, but their Canadian site still reflects 20% off base fares for passengers 62 and older.  

Most airlines offer a senior discount, but they don’t publicly commit to the discount amount. You have to call to do the booking and ask for a discount at that time.

Major cruise lines like (18) Carnival and (19) Royal Caribbean also offer discounts for those over 55, but they can vary from trip to trip.

Most hotels have a senior discount of some kind, which either vary or run the standard 10% off, and most require an AARP card. Some of the more notable discounts include:

20. Hilton Family of Hotels – 10% off best available rate with AARP card

21. Best Western – 5 – 15% off with your AARP card

22. Wyndam Hotels – up to 10% off with your AARP card

23. Holiday Inn Hotels – between 10 and 30% off for those of 62 years of age or older, but it can vary depending on location

24. Cambria Suites– 10% off best available rate with AARP card

25. Clarion Inns  – 10% off best available rate with AARP card

26. Comfort Inns and Suites– 10% off best available rate with AARP card

28. Econo Lodge – 10% off best available rate with AARP card

29. Quality Inns10% off best available rate with AARP card


The most obvious thing to look at first is the movies.

30. AMC Theaters offers special pricing for seniors 60+ for tickets purchased online (discount not specified on website)

31. Regal Cinemas offers special pricing for seniors 60+ but the discount is not specified online. If you have AARP, they offer 20% off Regal ePremier Tickets purchased online (conditions apply)

32. Cinemark Theaters has a promotion for Seniors Day where they honor discount pricing on a particular day for any movie, any showtime (excluding IMAX, XD, Xtreme, and Special Engagements).  Call your local theater to find out their pricing and participation details. 

Gym memberships are another area where seniors can find discounts. Many seniors are eligible for a free SilverSneakers membership through their health care plans. A SilverSneakers membership grants access to over 16,000 various gyms across the country or to special fitness classes in the community. Some gyms offer their own senior discounts as well. Some vary by community. 

(33) National Parks across the US honor a lifetime pass, which costs only $80, and grants access to over 2,000 National Parks. Depending on the site, the pass could also entitle seniors to further discounts on things like camping and swimming.

If your travel plans include a theme park, call to ask if they offer senior pricing. When this post was originally published, Busch Gardens and Seaworld offered a discount off single-day tickets, but information regarding senior discounts is no longer on their websites. To save you a phone call, Disney and Universal are also not offering special pricing at this time. 


Finally, many places to shop offer senior discounts.  Again, the standard seems to be 10% off, so I won’t list all the places which do that, but be sure to ask anywhere that you shop.  Some of the better shopping discounts include:

34. Kohls – 15% off in-store every Wednesday for those of 60 years of age or older


I was really hoping to find discounts related to utilities, and while they exist in some states, that's not the case in New York. It should be noted that National Grid does offer a reduced rate based on income, so if being a senior or retired has affected your income, you could qualify in that way.

Any chain haircut places (like (35) Supercuts, (36) GreatClips, etc.) usually offers a senior discount that it will vary by location.  As far as the locally owned places, it’s worth asking, they can usually be very friendly and accommodating!

There are lots of continuing education opportunities for seniors as well.  Some may be offered through local colleges and universities (these likely include a small fee). There are also specific programs just for seniors, like Oasis, which offers not only classes but also programs and assistance with computers, health care, and more. 

(37) 1-800-Flowers offers 20% off flowers and bouquets valued at $79.99 or more with an AARP membership.

There are also options for cell phone discounts as a senior.  (38) Verizon Wireless has a plan specifically for those of 55 years of age or older. Plan details vary depending on the number of lines and usage needs, so check their website or your local retailer for details.  This is a great option if you don’t have a cell now, don’t plan to use one a lot, or have been holding out because you don’t need unlimited minutes and don’t like the prices!  However, if you use a cell phone regularly or want to have a data plan, this won’t cut it.  AARP also offers some cellular packages.

Auto Care

Seniors likely qualify for discounts on their auto insurance, but this will vary between carriers. Many auto places offer discounts as well. It’s best to ask there, since they all vary by age and which services are needed for the car. Check out the following:

39. Jiffy Lube

40. Pep Boys

41. Midas

42. Valvoline


Last, but certainly not least, seniors can expect many discounts on prescriptions!  There are far too many pharmacies to name, but some of the highlights include:

43. Rite Aid – 20% off during Wellness65+ Wednesdays

44. AARP – average 38% off prescriptions with AARP membership

45. CVS participates in the SilverScript plan has a savings plan, but you pay an annual fee, and the list of what does or does not get a discount in lengthy as opposed to simple.  Best to ask for help in store on this one!

Quick Tip: You can also utilize lists from places like AARP.

Since this post was originally published in 2016, many businesses have shuttered or have reduced their discount offerings, unfortunately. I understand the challenges of needing to save where you can, so be sure to look at my tips for setting up a successful grocery budget and my meal plans (did you know meal planning saves me thousands a year?), and how to save on cable.

I wish I could have listed more discounts for you here, but it was almost impossible to narrow it down! The main take away here is that you should always ask if a senior discount is available!  They are often unadvertised offers.  Happy savings!


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  • I purchased a dental plan recently thru AARP. I don’t like that I had to purchase an AARP membership card. I had cancelled my AARP card months ago b/c I didn’t use it once in 2 years My food store or any restaurants nearby are not listed. For example, Dunkin Donuts; buy a large coffee (which I never buy) and get a free donut. If I must purchase a large coffee at $1.00 extra than a small size, what is the bargain? I don’t think we should need to purhase membership card if we don’t use it.

  • I’m disabled but 39. I have an AARP health insurance plan. My question is will I be given the same senior discounts? Thank you .

  • I too disagree with purchasing a membership card to receive a discount as senior citizen. Seemingly the dues or fees have been paid by long life.

  • I don’t agree with the foundational beliefs and uses resources of AARP and will not give my money to them for membership. Unfortunately these businesses are requiring this card for a discount. I prefer to take my business elsewhere.

  • I get really mad that for many years the military gets a 10 percent most places they go. If retailers were going to do that they should have extended it to the elderly vets and me. I was 18 entered the military in 1972. From the 60’s through 1976 when it ended none of those who returned home got squat. Were ignored and never a thanks for your service.So I believe that 65 is the beginning of S.S. and that is when you should receive it. The same thing as people who do not get a tax break on their real estate taxes because they were frugal all their life ans saved for their retirement so they would not live in poverty. The people who saved over $250,000. In Va will never get a dime off their real estate taxes. The people who had fun,vacationed spent all their money all the time will receive the real estate exemption, because they never saved .I believe this is Bull S. So I moved to another state.

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