20 Slow Cooker “Dump” Meals for under $150 at Aldi – Vol. 1

Published on July 5, 2014 By Lauren


I am SO excited to share with you an entire meal plan and shopping list so that you can buy and make 20 Meals for under $150 at Aldi! Keep in mind that prices vary per store, so yours may be a little bit higher or lower depending on the item.  Also, this meal plan is based on a family of four people. However, if you have teenage boys that can eat a TON, then you may want to prepare a little more food than listed.  Or your family may have small children (like mine) where all of these meals will easily feed our family of six.

So I realize that the title says 25 meals for $150… unfortunately, food has gotten more expensive since the time of making this meal plan, so it has been updated.

We priced it out, did our shopping and came in spending $147.51!  That is $2.49 under budget!!  You don’t have to get this all in one trip if that doesn’t work for your family.  Many of these recipes you can also make ahead and freeze for a quick meal later on, we have noted that in the printable pack.


To make assembly as easy as possible, I’ve developed an AWESOME system to get these meals prepped in no time! You should be able to put all these meals together in under 2 hours! Most people have done it in 90 minutes. Here’s why – my unique “touch-each-ingredient-once” prep system.

See what I mean here:  


Stick them in your freezer when you are done putting them together, then put in the slow cooker the morning you want to eat it. It really can’t be any easier!

Here are the recipes you will need – each is made twice:


We have prepared an AWESOME printable pack for you that will make both your shopping trip and your preparation as easy as possible! It includes:

  • Detailed preparation instructions
  • Detailed shopping list organized by store section
  • All recipes
  • List of pantry items

And here is the shopping list:

  • (2) Burmann’s BBQ Sauce, @$0.99 each
  • (1) Berryhill Honey, 12 oz, @$2.99 each
  • (1) Casa Mamita Salsa, 24 oz, @$1.69 each
  • (1) Fusia Soy Sauce, 15 oz, @$1.19 each
  • (1) Clancy’s Tortilla Chips, 13 oz, @$1.19 each
  • (3) Happy Farms Cheddar Cheese, 8 oz, @$1.79 each
  • (1) Friendly Farms Sour Cream, 1 lb, @$1.29 each
  • (1) Carrots, 2 – 3 lb bag, @$1.29 each
  • (1) Onions, bag of 7-8, @$1.89 each
  • (1) Russet Potatoes, 10 lb bag, @$3.49 each
  • (1) Mini Sweet Peppers, 16 oz, @$2.99 each
  • (3) Kirkwood Chicken, fresh 2.5 lb pkage, @$6.98 each
  • (2) Chicken Drumsticks, 2.5 lb pkage, @$2.98 each
  • (2) Chuck Roast – 2 lb each, @$9.98 each
  • (2) Pork Loin, 4 lb each, @$9.96 each
  • (2) Top Sirloin Steak – 1.5 lb, @$8.99 each
  • (1) Ground Beef 90% Lean, 2.25 lb pkage, @$11.98 each
  • (2) Appleton farms Ribs, 2.25 lb, @$6.66 each
  • (1) Dakota Pride Black Beans, 15 oz can, @$0.59 each
  • (4) Happy Harvest Crushed Tomatoes, 28 oz, @$0.95 each
  • (1) Benita Flour Tortillas, 20 ct, @$1.49 each
  • (4) Happy Harvest Tomato Sauce, 8 oz, @$0.25 each
  • (1) White Rice, 5 lb, @$2.69 each
  • (1) Pueblo Lindo Burrito Tortillas, 8 ct, @$1.49 each
  • (2) Season’s Choice Frozen Corn, 16 oz, @$0.89 each
  • (1) Season’s Choice Frozen Peas, @$0.95 each
  • (1) Reggano Spaghetti, 2 lb, @$1.49 each
  • (1) L’oven Fresh Hamburger Buns, @$0.89 each
  • (1) Specially Selected Italian Bread, 16 oz, @$1.69 each
  • (1) Garlic, jarred 7 oz, @$1.99 each


  • Since I am on a low carb diet and gluten free, it doesn’t look like these will work for me. Being diabetic, I have to stay away from starchy carbs, sugar and grains. BTW, the use of salt should only be Celtic or Himalayan since it includes over 80 minerals and isn’t highly processed, bleached or heated to extreme temps. I don’t know if Aldi carries a healthier form of sodium in either of those types, but I know that sodium chloride isn’t healthy, no matter what! I also try to eat organic as much as possible because I am opposed to GMO foods and those heavily sprayed with pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, or animals fed on feed that is not their “natural” diets and are also given huge amounts of antibiotics, growth hormones and food full of GMO and pesticide laden food. It should be more about health than money. After all, we only have this one body and we also have to think about what we feed our children. It’s no wonder so many kids have cancers, ADD, autism, etc.

    • From what I have seen in magazines, books, the internet or on TV, there is nothing you can eat that isn’t bad for you, until the sales of that item drop, then scientists find it is healthy again. I would like to get a copy of a WWII ration list, because people were not overweight and were fit and healthy. Not because of WHAT they ate, but HOW MUCH. Admittedly, all the preservatives we have now can’t be good for us.

      • So true. It seems like you can find any reason why a food is good or bad to support the case. Whole foods are best…this website post is likely to help people make dinnertime easy, affordable and fairly healthy. If someone wants to substitute things they feel are healthier…go ahead.

      • I wouldn’t mind having that myself Tom. In WW2 our soldiers ate what was served and that was it there was no debate about it either. They were fed well but the military didn’t over feed them. Towards the end of WW2 on both fronts, soldiers from the other side was surrendering just to get something to eat.

    • Mariel with your line of thinking, breathing air isn’t good for you. What ever you do, don’t fall of your high horse because it’s a long way down & concrete is waiting on you for that sudden stop.

    • I am also type 1 diabetic and eat a whole foods KETO diet. Aldi is great for this because they have lots of organic options for PB, coconut oil, olive oil, bacon, flax, chia. TONS of organic options for meat and fruits/veg. Some people simply couldnt afford for eat so many organic options if not for Aldi.

    • Some people live in a world where $150 is all they have to eat so the option is eat healthy and starve or eat what’s available and live.

    • Aldi has much more control over the ingredients in their products than other grocery stores because of their in-house brands. Many Aldi products even list country of origin. The major cost savings that customers see is from Aldi’s strategic business plan such limited hours which cuts costs for customers. The food quality is excellent.

    • Organic is necessary for fruits
      and produce. Without quality to many chemicals denies having healthy food and affects one’s health. Quality is a must!

  • I want to thank you for posting this! We don’t eat pork; however, I was able to replace that as well as ground beef for ground turkey and omit a few produce items we already had on hand and it worked! I am so thankful you priced everything out, it helped me get my list ready and since I didn’t get paid for 3 weeks, your list REALLY helped me budget. You are so kind to post this! Thank you again!!

  • The links to the printable pack and to the “touch each ingredient once” chart don’t work. That’s really disappointing; they seem really helpful.

  • I purchased a few meal plans a few years ago and need to reprint, but it is not recognizing my email address. Some of the plans are not on the linked website but I purchased them before. Help!

  • I have also purchased the meal plans back about a year ago. I don’t have my recipe book anymore, idk what happened to it, but anyways I’m trying to reprint those. How do I go about doing this?

  • How many people does each meal feed? We have 3 about to be 4 in my family and I was just curious if there would be leftovers for me and the kids the next day at lunch or if it would most likely all be eaten at dinner.

  • Thank you so much for the recipes and the plans! I am definitely saving money, time and some sanity…and all this is for free!!! I googled for awhile for a plan and was intimidated by the amount of things to do and to buy, and also a lot of the recipes weren’t what my household would eat – so i tried to pick and choose which made the plan even more confusing for a beginner BUT almost all the recipes here sound good and to my surprise festive like a Sunday lunch and to have guests over.


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