10 Kitchen Gadgets for the Busy Mom: Frugal Hack

Published on February 21, 2015 by Lauren

kitchen gadgets

As a busy mom of four, I am always look of the next best thing when it comes to kitchen gadgets.

I have a small obsession with purchasing them to be honest, I really LOVE inexpensive gadgets that make my life a lot easier!  I have a list of my top 10 must have kitchen gadgets for the busy mom, all of these have made my life SO much easier!!!

Here are the 10 must have kitchen gadgets for the busy mom:

1.) Freezer Bag Stands

These freezer bag stands are worth the investment if you do a lot of freezer cooking dump recipes like I do. If you haven’t tried one of my ALDI meal plans, have a free mini-plan on me. Sign up below and I will send it right to your inbox.

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See how amazing they are in my video below and check out all of my ALDI meal plans.


2.) Pineapple Corer and Slicer 

  • Peels, cores, and slices an entire pineapple in seconds
  • Keeps hands from getting sticky and pineapple juice from leaking all over the counter.
  • Buy it here

kitchen gadgets

3.) Apple and Potato Peeler and Corer 

  • Peel, slice and core apples and peel potatoes
  • When it comes to making apple pies and homemade applesauce, this tool is a game changer.  I can make apple sauce in under 10 minutes with this tool!
  • I got one for all of my family members this Christmas, but make sure to get the one with the clamp (not the suction cup). The suction cup loosens up when the water from the apples gets into it, making it slide around the table. The clamp stays in place.
  • Buy it here

kitchen gadgets

4.) Sandwich Sealer N Decruster 

  • No more cutting the crusts off your kids sandwiches – this is super easy!
  • Make your own uncrustables and stop wasting your money on the store bought version.
  • Buy it here

kitchen gadgets

5.) Rabbit Wine Tool 

  • Powerful device pulls wine cork in 3 seconds.
  • No more broken corks – this is the easiest way to open up a wine bottle.
  • Buy it here

kitchen gadgets

6.) Black & Decker Mini Chopper 

  • I use this almost weekly to chop onions and peppers.
  • Chop vegetables in minutes!
  • Buy it here

7.) Cuisinart Immersion Blender 

8.) Spiralizer 

  • Spiralize julienne strips of vegetables for low carb, healthy vegetable meals! Zucchini, Carrots, Squash and more!
  • Use a simple turning motion (just like sharpening a pencil) to instantly turn boring vegetable into veggie spirals.
  • Buy it here

kitchen gadgets

9.) Microwave Hard Boil Egg Boiler 

  • Microwave egg boiler for hard- or soft-boiled eggs
  • Holds four eggs, just microwave for 8 minutes and have hard boiled eggs.
  • Buy it here

kitchen gadgets


10.) Jar Opener 

  • Do you know how many times I’ve had to tell the kids they couldn’t eat something because I couldn’t get the jar open at lunch?
  • This jar opener is amazing and allows you to open any jar in seconds!
  • But it here

BONUS ONE:  Mandolin  

  • Easily slide potatoes, cheese, lemons and limes and much more!
  • PS – Just make sure you don’t cut your fingers off, because they are SHARP!
  • Buy it here

What are your favorite kitchen gadgets? Leave the links in the comments.