Religious Easter Coloring Pages

By Lauren
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    Teach the real meaning of Easter with these FREE Religious Easter Coloring Pages Printables

    Here is  a collection of 25 Religious Easter Coloring Pages designed to gives kids – and some adults – a fun lesson in what the day is all about.

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    So what is Easter all about? Lost in all the hubbub surrounding the Easter Bunny, painted eggs and marshmallow Peeps is the fact that Easter is, at its heart, a religious holiday. Most people know that, of course. Still, I wonder what percentage of people could tell you what religious event Easter celebrates. Probably not many. (It’s the resurrection of Christ.)

    And just so you don’t think I don’t also enjoy the fun side of the holiday, keep your eyes open for an entry with 15 Easter egg coloring pages!

    1. Empty Tomb
    2. Palm Sunday with Jesus on a donkey
    3. He Is Risen
    4. Flowers on the Cross
    5. Lilies on the Cross
    6. Angels
    7. Church
    8. Cross
    9. Easter Blessing with 3 Crosses
    10. He Is Risen Stained-Glass Window
    11. Jesus Loves Me with 3 Crosses
    12. Jesus Resurrection
    13. Jesus Is Alive Cross
    14. He’s Alive Tomb
    15. Palm Sunday with Jesus on a donkey
    16. Jesus Is Risen with Cross and Bunny
    17. Rejoice
    18. Alleluia
    19. Resurrection
    20. Savior
    21. The Light of the World
    22. Happy Easter Cross
    23. Resurrection of Jesus
    24. Jesus Carrying Cross
    25. Cross with Butterflies

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