Price Chopper coupon policy update!

By Lauren
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    I went to my local Price Chopper store today to do my grocery shopping and ran into this sign first thing. I posted this news yesterday, if you missed it go here.

    I was able to speak to the customer service manager about the coupon policy doubler issue.  She showed me the email from Price Chopper corporate that plainly stated that they are NOT to accept Dollar Doubler coupons from competitors. When I asked why now? She said that there was NO AUDIT ( like people had been sharing) and nothing else changed other than Price Chopper corporate putting their foot down on the issue.

    They apparently were never supposed to accept them in the first place but most stores were doing it thinking it was okay.

    If you have been able to use your doubler coupons from competitors I can almost promise you that you will not be able to today,  they sent out an email to all the stores stating that they are no longer allowed to accept them.

    I hope this helps clear up any confusion that you may have.