Personal Update: Some BIG Changes to my life

By Lauren
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    It has been a crazy past 4 months for me…

    I won't get into all the details but there have been things that I've been unhappy with in my life, causing my to make some drastic personal changes.

    I stopped taking care of myself; putting work and the kids above myself.  That left me empty, spiritually bankrupt, and disliking the person that I saw in the mirror every morning.

    So – I had to make changes….BIG CHANGES

    The biggest change is that Monday, Mark went back to work at his old job as an Actuary.  If you recall, 3 1/2 years ago Mark quit his job to come home and work with me, I even wrote a blog post about How Being Broke is Enough and our reason to make this decision.  He has helped me run this website for the past 3+ years which has given me some time to learn what I love about running an online business and what I hate.

    Why did he go back to work you may be wondering?

    First, it was not a financial reason for him to go back. We make plenty of money through this website, my book sales, Aldi Meal Plans, The Personal Finance Planner sales, my Financial Renovation course, speaking engagements, and media appearances.

    It was a very personal choice for both of us.  Working together as a married couple was great at first, we loved spending so much time with each other. After 3 1/2 years of it, we were ready to spend time apart during the day.

    When he quit his job we had a colicky newborn and 3 other children that needed us.  Our youngest child is now almost 4 and our oldest is almost 12.  Life has changed a lot over the past 3+ years and we were ready to have some separation during the day.

    That brings me to my next big change – this website.  Don't worry, it isn't going away 🙂  Things will be changing on here as well.  First, I will be focusing more on personal updates.  One thing that I miss about this blog is the personal side. I got so wrapped up in providing you good financial content that I lost myself in it.

    I was working 40-50 hours per week, growing my business and launching new products….but I was sucking at home.  My kids were in childcare every day, and I lost myself in the busyness of being a working mom.  Truth be told, it was killing me. I hated myself and my life.

    I had to take a step back and for the past 3 months I haven't worked at all, Mark has been running the website.  What I found during those 3 months is that I miss being a full-time mom, I don't take care of myself AT ALL, and I don't like writing boring personal finance content.

    So what should you expect moving forward from me?

    You will still get great content but only once a week or so.

    You will get a lot more personal content, and I may even add some couponing back into the mix.

    More fun videos from me 🙂

    Just for fun – here are some other big changes to my life over the past 3 months:

    1.) I got a rockin' tattoo.  This was right after I got it done and it hurt SO bad! This has been something I've wanted to do for years and finally decided to just do it.  I have lived my life in fear of what others have thought of me for way too long, it is time for ME to be happy and this was one of the ways that I show it.

    2.) I am not working in my office space during the summer but will be staying at home with my kids full-time instead.  I love my office, but I love my kids more and I just can't do both well anymore.

    3.) I will be spending much more time with my kiddos and less time working. I plan to ship out planners at night after the kids are in bed, and write some blog posts when I feel inspired.

    So – you will see me on here and on TV doing my favorite frugal living segments.

    I am SO excited about the changes that I am making, they are good for me and my family!

    These little people are happy too!

    I love you all so much and am so thankful for you!



    (PS – I know there are typos in this article, but part of my transition with this website is letting go most of the people that work for me. Including my editor. If you have a hard time reading a blog with a lot of typos, you may want to stop reading now…I am an imperfect person who does my best.)


  • Good for you! Life is full of seasons – you’re just entering a new one. I use your planner monthly and, while I have not mastered money management just yet, I have made improvements that I credit you and your ideas for! So, thank you! 🙂

  • Beautifully​ written and so inspiring, continuously. So happy for you that you made these decisions and feel so confident about your new path!

  • you will never regret this decision! They grow so fast. You have the rest of your life to work. I look forward to the more fun, personal side of the blog!

  • Lauren I have 3 little ones myself so I know how hard it can be. I myself am going through similar issues and will be making the necessary changes to be happy with my life. Because it is true we only get one life and kids grow too fast and you’ll never get those treasure moments back thank you for inspiring me and godon’t bless you and your family.

      • I keep a pretty dress hanging in my room all the time that Abby wore when she was two. She is now 21. It’s a reminder how much I loved those days, but also how fast time goes. Enjoy those precious moments.

  • So glad that you are making changes that are best for you and your family. Family comes first, and it can be hard at times, especially when you are self-employed. I look forward to the more personal side of your blog.
    Take care!

  • You have to do what’s right for you and yours. And it sounds like that is what you are doing.

    Wishing you a happy, healthy summer with your family.

  • I have folllwed your for several years now:-) partnof what I loved in the beginning was the personal side! I’m happy that will come back. But more than that, as a mom of 5, I understand and empathize! The Lord made us wives, then mommas! Spending time w our babies is so important! Prayers for you and your husband on his new journey! (Ps I LOVE my husband SO MUCH, but I can’t imagine him being home ALL DAY w me! I’d be a little nutty!!

  • So thrilled for you and that you’re making decisions to be true to yourself and take care of yourself!!! Congrats on all the new changes!

  • Yah Lauren!!! Sometimes following our heart is the hardest step to make, especially after doing something for so long that at one time was also following our heart. Does that even make sense to anyone but me? LOL
    Have you read the book, Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequist? If not, I think it’s exactly what you may be needing right now. She too did exactly what you’re doing And I think it will Bless you!
    Lori D.

  • I’ll admit that I was skipping a lot of the financial posts because it wasn’t “fun” LOL I’m excited to see the changes and am so happy for you. I’m working on getting that happiness back myself!

  • To love ourselves above all others is still something that I struggle with! We are often taught to think about others and to care for their feelings, and some of us (myself included) do this to a fault and it becomes detrimental to our own health. As I grow older I realize that my own projections of other people’s thoughts are often misleading to my own personal happiness! I hope to teach my children that they are ultimately in control of their own happiness, and it sounds like that is just what you’ve done!

  • Wow, it just got super dusty in here. I can’t tell you how thrilled this post makes me and how glad I am to hear you saying no to doing more and yes to taking care of you. Good job, mom!

  • I’ve been struggling with balancing business and new baby, and worrying that spending more time with my little one during these precious years is going to negatively impact future work goals. I wish there was more time in the day and that I could be in two places at once, but that’s not reality. Life is short and you have fill it with what makes YOU happy. I’m happy you figured out the path you’re suppose to be on!

  • Hi Lauren,
    A reset is great! Enjoy the summer with your children! I really look forward to hearing more from you and your perspective in your blog posts! Hope Mark settles into his new workplace quickly!
    Warmest regards, Nicole

  • Oh that was so wonderful, life is to short not to enjoy your kiddos, wish mine were little again….enjoy this and good luck to hubby…..

  • This is so refreshing. I was a PF blogger but gave it all up and sold everything last year. I was pregnant with my second, had no desire to make this my full time gig (but really think I could have if I tried hard enough) but I have a career I enjoy. The biggest reason I left the pf blogging realm tho was because I didn’t enjoy my own site anymore or most of the sites I was reading on a daily. They all started so nice and personal and over the 4 years I had my hand in it, transitioned to impersonal sponsored ridden websites with no voice or personality anymore. I completely understand the back end of making money and needing to promote yourself/site/courses/products and no judgement against those who do (kuddos!) but it wasn’t for me. I wanted to have fun, read about up’s and downs, actually family/personal lives and relate. I was never into blogging to sell stuff and buy expires on building my brand and I started to feel like a lone wolf. So to some it looks like I quit but the reality is that I’m not blogging anymore (and part of me really misses the voice that comes with it. I love sharing stories and connecting with people, I may look into starting again in future or seeing if someone will take me on once a week/bi week/monthly sort of thing so I can scratch that itch) but I have no regrets with leaving. Money was nice while it lasted but not stressing about pumping posts out on Sunday night is so calming. I look forward to hearing more from YOU.

  • proud to be following someone authentic who’s doing what’s best for her and her loves! all whole inspiring and helping others. happy summer Lauren!

  • I love you for this! No, really! I heard every single word you said. I’m soooo glad I took the time to read this. It made me feel better about how I’m doing with my own blog vs family life. Thx pal 🙂

  • Good you do you . Don’t worry about the rest life is too short. Don’t miss out on those kids growing up and what you want out of life

  • Lauren,
    I know I don’t know you personally , but can I just say I’m so proud of you!!! Thank you for taking care of yourself and your family first. I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision to make, but I’m glad you are brave enough to make it!! ❤️

  • Good for you! I hope achieve the riches that are the most important, love and quality time with your husband and kids! I’ll be honest, I haven’t checked in on your blog in a while, I checked in everyday when you were “That Lady” with the coupon posts and family stories. Have a Happy Day…Everyday!

  • Good for you!!! As has been said above multiple times, they really do grow up so fast. I live in an area where it is really hard to get a job that makes it possible to get home around the time the kids get home from school. I finally did find a great job that allows me to do that but of course, it doesn’t pay as well as the jobs you’re forced to work 50+ hours, or work evenings, or weekends, or take call. The meal plans, couponing, budgets, and other advice you’ve given have really helped to make that transition possible. Thank you so much.

  • Thank you for sharing. It is easy to get wrapped up in our work and not spend enough time with those we love. A great reminder for all is us.

  • Hi Lauren,
    Thank you for all that you have previously shared. I have recently started my own blog, and I have to tell you, that even though I have not made any money on it, I have already felt the stress it can potentially have on the thing I love doing the most…taking care of my family and my home. I certainly don’t want to throw in the towel on my blog just yet, since it was almost a year in the making, but I can certainly feel that it starts to creep into every aspect of my life, when I am trying to fall asleep at night, when I am out with friends or the worst, when I am spending time with my family, I find my mind wandering to my business instead of being present in that moment. I am glad to be reassured of what I have thought all along, that sometimes…you can’t have it all.

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