How to EASILY Paint Over Wood Paneling

By Mark
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    Are you wondering how to paint over wood paneling? There are so many posts found on google that make it so much more complicated than it really it. Here is a simply tutorial on how to paint it like a pro!

    When we bought our house in 2010, there was A LOT of wood paneling… the foyer, the kitchen, the dining room and another room downstairs.  Needless to say, I’ve have to paint over wood paneling quite a bit in my house and have tried several methods.  The method that I’ve found works best is actually the easiest as well!

    And the picture above is the FINAL paneled wall in our house finally covered with paint!  This wall is part of a DIY series where Lauren and I are (slowly) redecorating our dining room.  More to come!

     Retro Paneling

    Here’s how it looked before painting.  As far as wood paneling goes, it could be a lot worse, but it’s definitely not our style.

    Contrary to many popular methods that you might have found on the internet, you do NOT need to sand or de-gloss the paneling (unless its like a super mirror finish – but most are not).  Also, this can be done in only 2 coats total, including the primer!  The key to making this work is in the types of products that you use.  Here’s what you will need:

    • High quality OIL-BASED primer.  I use KILZ Interior Oil Primer and have had great results.  This barrier stops anything from bleeding through, and also helps the paint go on evenly.  Tip – you can tint primer to match the final color.
    • High quality latex paint.  I used to buy bargain paint, and sometimes if I was in a really crazy mood, I bought the “middle-of-the-road” paint.  Then one day Lauren came home from Lowes with a gallon of the Valspar Signature Series paint, and I was not happy about it (it’s not cheap).  But then I tried it.  Literally ONE nice & even coat is all it took.  That stuff is great.  I don’t know about you, but I’d gladly pay an extra $10 or $15 to NOT have to paint a room twice!  (note that certain colors cover differently, so you might need more than one coat regardless of what paint you choose)

    I’ve painted 3 of my rooms using this method with fantastic results.  If you take a look at the walls in our back toy room, this is how I painted those as well.

    Do you have any paneling in your house?

    Have you tried different methods for painting paneling?

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    • Corinne

      When you used the oil-based primer, did you notice any lingering noxious smells? We used a different brand of oil-based primer on some cabinets and in a bathroom before we painted and there is still a lingering smell. It’s awful, even after several months, and to the point that we are considering just replacing the cabinets. Did you experience this at all with the Kilz brand? How long did you wait in between painting the primer and paint? Your post offers hope for this dark wood-paneled dining room that we have, but I’m so scared to open another can of oil-based primer. Thanks so much for sharing your experience!

    • Margarita Pindado Santos

      Hello! I´m writting from Madrid, Spain. I got a very old fashion paneling but it`s not wood, I think is plastic.
      How can I paint it.