How I organize my coupon binder

By Lauren
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    I have been using the coupon binder coupon system for years and it is the only way that it works for me, but many of you prefer other methods.  I have been getting asked about how I organize my binder so I thought I would give you an idea of how I organize mine.  I know many of you organize A –> Z or by expiration date, but that is just WAY too much work for me.  I prefer to stick them in generic categories – here is how I organize mine.

    The 7 categories that I have my binder divided into are:

    • Bread/Beverages/Breakfast
    • Baking
    • Canned/Boxed Goods
    • Frozen
    • Household (cleaners, etc)
    • Dairy/Meat
    • Snack foods

    You can also watch a video about How to create your own coupon binder to learn more tips.

    How do you organize your Coupons, what works best for you?