How to get Free Coupons by Mail

By Lauren
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    There are so many ways to get free coupons by mail.  It is really easy if you know the correct places to get them.  The key it knowing when and how to request them.  There are many other places to get free printable coupons as well.

    Free Coupons by Mail

    How to get Free Coupons by Mail

    Getting free coupons can be a rush and there are so many ways to get them.

    Many people try using coupons and give up, they become discouraged that coupons are not available for the foods they need.

    There are definitely more coupons for junk food, but there are also so many companies that will give you free coupons just for doing simple tasks.

    I love to coupon so much that I actually wrote a book about it called How to Coupon Effectively.

    How to Coupon Effectively

    I thought I would teach you my favorites ways – how to get free coupons by mail.  But first, if you love coupons you will also love meal planning and cooking with dump recipes. If you want to try it out download my free mini meal plan below and make 10 meals in under an hour for only $80! Seriously – it will SAVE.YOUR.LIFE!

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    How to get Free Coupons by Mail:

    1.) Sign up for Kellogg’s family Rewards – print off Free Kellogg’s coupons every month!

    2.) Sign up for Vocalpoint 

    Many times they offer FREE coupons too. This is for women only, so get your wife to sign up if you are a man reading this.

    3.) Email companies directly

    If you love a company, email them directly through the contact form on their website.  Give them a genuine compliment and ask them if they ever give out coupons for products.

    4.) Get printable coupons mailed to your home

    There is a type of printable coupon called a Bricks coupon – often times they will mail the coupon to you. This is great if you ran out of ink, or would prefer to have a color copy. You can find a full list of printable Bricks coupons here.

    TIP – You can also print free coupons from which happens to be my favorite place to print online coupons.

    5.) ‘Like’ your favorite brands on FB – At least once a week we see a company offering a FREE Sample or a FREE product coupon. These are typically mailed to you.

    Going out to eat? Don't pay too much! Check out these restaurant freebies from both email signups and birthdays!

    6.) Sign up for Birthday Freebies – Many companies mail out FREE product coupons around your birthday.  You can see a full list of which companies do this in my HUGE Birthday Freebies list.

    crockpot pulled pork spaghetti sauce crockpot pulled pork how to make extra money

    What are the ways that you like to get FREE coupons in your mailbox?



    • Cindy

      I have no printer. I would love coupons sent to me in the mail. How do I go about doing that without having to go through all the surveys? Please help?