Aldi vs. Walmart – which store is cheaper?

By Lauren
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    Which store is cheaper? Walmart or Aldi? Take a look at this in depth comparison.

    I've always wanted to know – which store is cheaper, Aldi or Walmart?  I took a few hours to walk around both stores and compared both store brand items + items with coupons at Walmart.  There were a few things that I was shocked about – watch the video below to find out what those are.  


    Here are the in-store pictures that show the deals in detail:


    Honestly the bananas at Walmart looked fresher and had less bumps and bruises than the Aldi ones. At a $0.03 difference I would probably go with the ones at Walmart.

    Aldi – $0.44 per lb.

    Walmart – $0.47 per lb.


    Yogurt was a tricky one because there are so many different kinds of it.  I focused on large containers of 32 oz. and ones targeted more towards children.  The larger containers were a $0.50 difference, so Aldi won on that one, but there are coupons out for Yoplait Yogurt often, so the Yoplait could be cheaper than Aldi brand if you use coupons.

    Aldi – $1.99 32 oz. Light & Fit 

    Walmart – 32 oz. Dannon Yogurt – $2.49

    I was surprised to see that Walmart beat Aldi on the price comparison for kids yogurt.  The base price on kids yogurt was cheaper but paired with a coupon you will save almost $1.00!  Moo Tubes does have 8 included and the Yoplait only has 4, but there were also GoGurts for the same price ($1.88) which probably would be more comparable to the Moo Tubes.

    Aldi – Moo Tubes $1.99

    Walmart – Yoplait kids$1.88 + coupons! √

    Diaper Wipes:

    The Aldi Diapers wipes were only $0.99 for a 72 ct. but the Pampers and Huggies Wipes, also 72 ct.,  were $1.97 at Walmart.  There are always coupons out for $1/2 Huggies or Pampers Wipes making them only $1.47 after a coupon.  The Aldi wipes are AMAZING and so cost effective.

    Aldi – $0.99 

    Walmart – name brand wipes $1.97 (or $1.47 after coupon)


    Aldi Diapers are $4.99 for a 36 ct. and like I said in the video I am a brand name diaper snob, so if you have used Aldi brand diapers I would love to hear from you about how you like them.    Walmart diapers were cheaper at $3.97 and name brand diapers like Huggies and Pampers were $8.97.  There are often Diaper coupons for both Pampers and Huggies so you could get them for as low as $6.97.

    Aldi – $4.99

    Walmart – $3.97 for store brand  – as low as $6.97 for name brand diapers.

    Trash Bags:

    I wanted to look at Trash bags at the price per bag.  There were Ruffle trash bags (30 ct) for only $1.62 – there are frequently coupons for these while should bring them down to around $1.12.  This makes it only $0.03 per bag!

    Aldi – $4.99 for 80 Kitchen Trash Bags = $0.06 per bag

    Walmart – $6.97 for 50 Kitchen Trash Bags = $0.14 per bag – OR Ruffles bags which = $0.05 per bag without a coupon. 

    Green Peppers:

    Green Peppers were one of those items where I was 100% sure that Aldi would have the best price….I was WRONG!

    Aldi –  3 pack $1.99 ($0.66 each)

    Walmart – $0.53 each 


    Toothpaste is one of those things that you should never pay over $1.00 for.  I know that people see a name brand product at Aldi and automatically think it's a great deal, but that is not the case.  Almost 100% of the time the item is the same price or more expensive, like this Crest toothpaste I found.

    Aldi – Crest 6.4 oz. toothpaste $2.89

    Walmart – Crest 6.4 oz. toothpaste $2.98 + you can use a coupon with it so it would be cheaper.  There is also a Colgate 6.4 oz. bottle for only $1.25 so this is cheaper without a coupon!  We always see coupons for Colgate toothpaste, so this should not cost you more than $0.50 if you have one. 

    Peanut Butter:

    The Peanut Butter at Aldi was cheaper than at Walmart, but paired with a coupon it is very possible to get it for less money at Walmart.  What I also found that was interesting is the the Skippy name brand PB was cheaper than the Walmart brand.

    Aldi – $2.29 

    Walmart – Store brand $2.56 and Name Brand Skippy $2.50


    The 4 packs of razors were only slightly different at Walmart and Aldi BUT you could get one of the ‘expensive' Gillette Fusion Razors for only a little bit more.  I would probably go for the Gillette Razor because it will give you a better shave AND will last longer.

    Aldi – 4 pack of razors $2.99

    Walmart – 4 Pack of Wilkinson razors $3.49

    Paper Towels:

    I thought Aldi brand paper towels would be cheaper, but it turns out I was wrong about this too.  My stock up price on paper towels is $0.50 – so only one of the deals I found fit my stock up price.  This means that getting paper towels at Aldi and Walmart is NOT the cheapest way!  You can get much less expensive paper towels at the drug stores or your grocery stores on sale.

    The one price that I would buy in a pinch was the 6 pack of Decorator towels from Walmart, a 6 pack for $3.26 = $0.54 per roll.

    Aldi – 6 pack for $5.99

    Walmart –  6 pack for $3.26 or larger 8 pack of Walmart brand for $6.94.

    I did not choose any of these items because I do not think any are a great deal.

    Ground Beef:

    I tried to pick comparable packages of Ground Beef and Walmart was much cheaper.  Just make sure that you know What stores use Pink Slime and see if your store uses it in their meat packaging.

    Aldi – 2-3 lb. packages $3.69 per lb.

    Walmart – $7.98 for a 3 lb package = $2.66 per lb.


    I was SHOCKED at how much chicken was at Walmart – I could NOT believe how much they were charging!  The picture below shows that they are charging $5.18 per lb – that is CRAZY!!!!    My grocery stores put chicken on sale for $1.99 per lb. so even the Aldi price was more expensive.

    Aldi – $2.29 per lb (still expensive because many stores around me put it on sale for $1.99)

    Walmart – $5.18 per lb (this is the only package of chicken I could find, and it is the kind below their organic kind, so it will obviously be more expensive – thanks Paul!)


    No explanation needed – same product – less at Aldi.

    Aldi $1.55 

    Walmart $1.78

    White Bread:

    I compared just the basic store brand breads at both stores – Aldi won out by a few cents!

    Aldi – $0.85 √

    Walmart – $1.18


    This one is simple – same butter and less money at Aldi!

    Aldi – $2.09 

    Walmart – $2.18

    Dishwashing Detergent:

    This was a case of couponer vs. non-couponer.  If you use coupons you can get the same price on name brand Cascade with a coupon than you can the Walmart store brand.  Aldi brand detergent is not my favorite but it is cheaper than the Walmart brand one….This is the case of quality vs. price, I would go with Cascade with a coupon than get it ad Aldi.

    Aldi – $2.49

    Walmart – $2.98 for store brand, $3.97 for Cascade Brand (cheaper with coupon) 

    Plastic Cups:

    This one is also easy peasy  – same cups but cheaper at Aldi.

    Aldi – 50 ct. of Plastic cups $2.49 

    Walmart – 50 ct. Plastic Cups $3.00

    Paper Plates:

    This is a simple one – more plates for less money at Aldi!

    Aldi – 80 papers plates $2.79 

    Walmart – 70 papers plates $2.97

    Sandwich Meat: 

    You can get beat sandwich meat with a coupon at Walmart than you can at Aldi.  The Aldi lunch meat was less money as it's base price, but paired with coupons you can get a better deal on brand name lunch meat at Walmart.  We always see coupons for Hillshire Farm and Sara Lee Deli Meats, so I know that you can get these for less money than the Aldi brand.

    Aldi – $2.49

    Walmart – Sara Lee $3.98, Great Value Walmart brand $2.68, Hillshire Farm $2.98.


    OUCH – do people actually think that cereal is cheaper at Walmart?  Aldi brand cereal ranged from $1.69 – $2.39 per box, the Walmart brand cereal rung it at $1.98.  These prices were pretty comparable, but looking at name brand cereal at Walmart was SCARY!  You will pay $3.68 per box at Walmart for Cheerios, OUCH!  On sale with a coupon you can get it for under $1.50 per box at my local grocery store….Aldi's won this one by a landslide!

    Aldi – $1.69 – $2.39 √

    Walmart – Walmart brand $1.98, Name brand $3.68


    I found the name brand Cabot cheese at Walmart for less money than the Walmart brand, I thought this was strange!  Aldi cheese is cheaper but I would rather pay an extra $0.21 per bar to get a nicer brand of Cheese…Cabot cheese is much better in my opinion than Aldi brand…

    Aldi – $1.79

    Walmart – $2.38 store brand, $2.00 Cabot name brand cheese


    This was what I was expecting BUT that doesn't mean that I wasn't surprised that Walmart has cheaper milk than Aldi.  With whole milk, we are talking a savings of $0.84 per gallon, so if you go through a lot of milk you could save a few dollars per week on milk by getting it at Walmart.

    Aldi – $2.59-$2.89

    Walmart – $2.03

    Toilet Paper:

    This one was pretty surprising to me – but this is one of those times that I will choose quality over money spent…..Toilet Paper is a MUST in my house to buy name brand….or else I get complaints from my ‘little people'.

    Walmart has a brand called White Cloud that is often for $1.00 off – which would make it $4.98 for 12 rolls.

    Aldi – Panda 12 Rolls TP – $5.49 ($0.45 per roll)

    Walmart – White Cloud $4.97 for 12 Rolls ($0.41 per roll).  You can also get Cottonelle TP for $6.47 with a coupon.


    There you have it – the details are long and I hope that you learned something like I did!  The best advice is to not always think something is cheaper just because it is at Walmart or Aldi….do your research and know your prices.  The great thing about Walmart is that they will price match competitor ads – so as long as you take your Aldi ad into Walmart with you, you should be able to price match that ad at Walmart.

    Do you want to learn how to save even more money at Aldi?  Check out my ALDI MEAL PLANS here.

    Spiral Meal Plan 10

    I would love to know – what surprised you on this report, anything?


  • Do any of you have a Winco nearby? I do quite a bit of shopping there because they have products/brands I cannot find elsewhere. My favorite sections of store are organic produce and bulk items. For baking, they have all types of flour, sweeteners, chips, nuts, etc. You can easily try something new by only getting a small amount. Same with spices, pasta, beans, dried fruit, cereal, etc. I love that they post ingredients and nutritional information. I get organic oatmeal, dried fruit(nothing added),nuts, and seeds(raw or dry roasted with or without salt) for breakfast bars and can buy the amount I need. Everyone working there is a part owner in the company. I have not met anyone who was not helpful. I have also bought their meat, which I found to be very tender. Also, for those who shop Target, three of my children worked there. Whatever name brand milk that is there main milk is the same brand as their generic, delivered by same dairy.

    • These prices from this article are not true. I think Lauren Greutman is a paid marketer for WALMART…it seems that way. ALDI in Maryland is 40-50% cheaper than even WALMART.

      1 dozen eggs $0.47 (not the >$1.50 Lauren mentioned)
      And many other items are much cheaper than Lauren stated.

      Be careful what you read…and thick of all the wasted time trying to find coupons. Go to ALDI and take back some of your wasted life couponing…

      • Hey Craig – I actually much prefer ALDI over Walmart. I do think this article needs an update though, it is a few years old and I think ALDI is a lot more competitively priced.

  • I think your bias may be showing. Just to point out: Ground Beef at Walmart’s is NOT comparable to Ground Sirloin at Aldi’s (or anywhere). Ground sirloin is a superior–and always more expensive–cut of beef. Ground Sirloin tends to be leaner (more meat, less fat). Every store I go to has ground sirloin more expensive than ground beef. Ground beef can be up to 30% fat. Ground Sirloin is 14% or less (I often see it at 10% fat).It’s “extra lean ground beef” by definition. So, that comparison is not just.

    Also, one doesn’t always have a coupon. So saying, “It will be cheaper at Walmart’s with a coupon” : Duh. Of course it will. But coupons are never guaranteed or convenient. The thing for me with Aldi’s and its by-design limited selection is this: I shop faster. Also, I shop cheaper, and I can find gluten free and organic stuff at really keen prices. And I never had to wait long on line. (Walmart = get ready to read a novel or magazine while waiting). Their Italian olive oil has done well on taste tests against Italian and pricey brands. So, again, some quality.

    I noticed the canned veggies are equivalent to the name brands I bought at Publix, and crazy cheap.

    And I tend to spend less as I’m not distracted by all the stuff that got me impulse buying at Walmart. 😀

    Plus, easier to park and walk to everything. Walmart parking is usually a pain, the lot a behemoth, the store huge. I hate huge stores, long lines, and troublesome parking. With Aldi’s I save time parking (I often park right in front of the door) and the store is smallish so I’m in and out fast. I carry lots of bags and never use the shopping cart. Makes life easier to have the bare bones and great prices.

    Walmart shopping is a pain (to my feet and my peace of mind.) I wish more Aldi’s would crop up and Trader Joe’s and that new Whole Foods related one that’s supposed to be cheaper. My budget needs better options and my feet (plantar fasciitis) hate Walmart.

    • An add in – Walmart’s low priced goods are never available on the shelf on a busy day! Aldi has a system that keeps the shelves well stocked all day. This is a HUGE difference.

    • Mirta Ana Schultz I agree with everything you said and one thing that wasn’t taken into consideration is that when Aldi has a sale – it has a sale! I purchased 2lb bags of carrots for 25 cents recently, and the week prior I got a 4+ lb of chicken legs marked down to (literally) 15 cents. It’s not the who, it’s he when!

    • I agree. Her bias for Walmart is showing and her ability to compare products that are similar isn’t very good. For example, she took a picture of the best hamburger package option at Aldi and compared it to the least expensive option at Wal-Mart. I also feel like she should have tried these two products before giving her opinion on which items she thinks is better without trying the two items. For example, she says quality over quantity and compares what she thinks will happen if using Aldi wipes compared to pampers or huggies. I tried to use the Wal-Mart Parent Choice brand wipes and had to use 2-3Xs what I used with Huggies BUT assuming that Aldi brand will be like the other store brand options without using them herself is not a good comparison. Aldi brand wipes are the same or less expensive than the store brand wipes but performs comparable to huggies wipes. Just my two cents.

  • Hah, I just mentioned that in my comment. No distractions with a zillion things to buy–not in the store, not at the checkout. Walmart is a danger zone for impulse-buyers.I tend to spend 70 bucks at Aldi’s. I used to spend 300 at Walmart. Impulse-buying is my bane. I’m safer at Aldi’s.

  • Messy. Too big. Long, long, long checkout lines. Shoot, even when I’d go at 2 AM, there were lines. Sigh.

    • Not only that, I don’t like being made to feel like a criminal when I try to leave with MY items that I paid for. The WalMart near me has a guy at the door asking to check my receipt. I quit going after that happened the second time. (And no, I didn’t show him my receipt. I politely refused and kept walking. NOBODY has the right to stop and search me or my belongings without reasonable suspicion, and at that, they’d better be wearing a city or county police/sheriff badge).

      • Yeah, the receipt checking is insulting. Aldi’s is pretty small, and I guess they’d have better “eyes on the thieves.” If Walmart has a thieving issue, they need to have people patrolling the store, not insulting folks with receipts.

  • I concur. Their cottage cheese is yum. If they had smaller cartons of half/half and milk, I’d get it (I’m the only one in the house who uses it, so half of the stuff would go to waste or more if I bought large size). But I can scarf down the larger cottage cheese all on my own with fruit. 😀

  • Yep.Not a fair comparison at all.
    I bought the ground sirloin at Aldi’s on my first visit last month cuz I could not believe the price. Also got the frozen angus burgers for hubby who is a beef man (I could live without beef, he can’t).

  • They take credit cards at my Aldi’s. Maybe a year ago that wasn’t what they did and it changed..I guess.

    And I never use the cart. I take a bunch of burlap and Baggu nylon bags and when they are full (that is, what I can carry), I’m done shopping. If I can’t carry it, I don’t buy it.

  • Always check online before you go to stores. Aldi’s and Publix and other stores will post what they have on sale (prices). I always check before I go so I can zero in on the reduced/special stuff or buy 1/get1 sales.

  • They should just price at the competitor’s price and not make you go through an extra step with an app,imo. 🙂

  • Pity. Cashew butter is yum and it’s better in smoothies imo than peanut. I will look to see if it’s back when I shop next time.

  • I’d go to Costco more often for the way they treat employees (much better than most), but they are always so busy and parking is a major pain. Ah, well.

  • when comparing items like tissue, paper towels and toliet paper, have to consider type and sheets per roll price, cant compare a one ply to two ply, but simlar type and sheet size, then have to figure price per sheet not roll as rolls vary how many sheets per roll.

    • Aldi’s current brand “Willow” standard 1 ply tissue is almost a direct comparison to Scott Tissue. Their softer 2 ply is a closer comparison to Charmin.

  • I don’t know what state you are in but here in Lakeland Florida Walmart’s milk is $3.52 I haven’t seen it for $2.03 anytime I’ve been there

    • I was thinking the same thing, but I am wondering how old this comparison is. I’m in the Houston area, and milk at Aldi is less than $1.89 a gallon. Eggs were only $.89 last time I bought them (though they did have them on sale last week for $.69 a dozen last week). Not sure what those items cost at Walmart, as I absolutely refuse to shop at the Walmart near me because it takes so long just to get through the line. Never mind the journey through the labyrinth that is known as WalMart.

    • Milk in Delaware is $1.47 a gallon and eggs are $0.47 a dozen. I go to Florida ever Christmas and everything is much more expensive..but in balance you do have great weather! 🙂

  • I agree that WalMart employees are grumpy, and the rest of what you mentioned above. But I will say that the clerks at my Aldi’s have 0.0 sense of humor or personality. They never smile, and they greet you in monotone. They aren’t grumpy, they are robots! And I have encountered about six different clerks over the past 18 months with the same disposition. But then again, I am not shopping there just to see a smiley face!

    • Yeah, I don’t care about that. I’m not there to chitchat. I”m there to get in and out with solid prices and as little delay as possible. I don’t much care for the checkout at Aldi’s (I have to HUSTLE with my bagging), but I understand the no-nonsense focus is what is helping keep prices down. It’s a compromise, I guess. They are robotic because they HAVE to make a quota/speed-level. THat requires total focus and just moving on with items.

  • What aldi are you shopping at? the milk at the one in north syracuse its only $1.85 which is cheapest compare to walmart brand and 10 cents less than wegmans.

    • Our Aldi in Tennessee has them normally at $.59 a dozen. Last week they were $.39 cent per dozen (!). I never had much success with Wal-mart’s ground beef (pink slime aplenty) but Aldi is of better quality. I tend to stay away from the produce at either place.

  • Wal Mart wins every time with me because Aldi don’t have an electric cart. Nor do they have any place to sit in the store. I have to have one or the other or I can’t shop there. So I go to Wal Mart or our other local grocery stores.

  • I noticed that you failed to mention that though the price of the beef was better at walmart you were not comparing the same quality beef. You were comparing 90/10 beef at aldi to crappy 73/27 tube beef at walmart. Of course you saved money, you also got a worse cut of meat. Aldi sells tube meat too. You did the same thing with the trash bags. The quality is not at all an equal comparison. The only thing I really ever find cheaper at stores other that Aldi is Milk, and that is only because I like Whole Milk. I have found the Meijer by me is usually the most affordable with that.

  • I’m reading this a little late, but I think you have to also know your area. The prices you wrote about between Aldi and Walmart were not the same as the ones in my area. Milk at Aldi’s has been $1.59 a gallon until this past week. That price was for any kind whether it was whole or skim. `

  • Wow what city do you live in as here a gallon of milk is about $5 at Walmart and $3.71 at Aldi. One green pepper is almost $2 there and .69 each at Aldi. And butter is $4.42 at Walmart and $2.69 at Aldi. Eggs are up to .95 while they were .65 must of 2016 at Aldi. They are almost$2 at our Walmart. Chicken also can’t be beat at Aldi. Maybe priceses are different per area. I know Aldi has spaghetti sauce very cheap and it is horrible though. Same with the chips. So those I get at Walmart, but fresh is best at Aldi here.

  • I do not shop at Walmart because they support Monsanto and I do not want to eat GMO foods. Therefore, I will shop at Aldi’s and Marc’s before I even think about Wal-Mart. What I found out is that Wal-Mart want to put all dairy farmers out of business and that is why the milk is cheaper. This is their plan to close our local dairy farmers. This is truly terrible. Wal-Mart is for GMO and I will not buy their foods. Their plan was to get rid of Raw Milk and they did next it is organic. I refuse to support Walmart and their food since they are linked to Monsanto’s. We need to say no or all we have left is monster food that will kill all of us. The rich is not eating it but they want to give it to us. Now they want us to have apples that do not turn brown when they are going bad. Plus this will not be labeled. I do not want GMO and we need to tell Wal-Mart and their corporate buddies we do not want GMO.

  • I love Aldi! It’s true they don’t have everything I “want” but they have everything I “need.”
    Their milk is the BEST! No matter what other store I buy milk from it always goes bad either a few days before expiration date or right on the date. Aldi milk ALWAYS stays fresh even beyond the expire date.
    I’ve noticed that, when in season, their produce is the best and the cheapest.
    I used to spend $100 at Walmart, now I spend half that at Aldi.
    The staff at my Aldi, (Dallas-Gaston Rd) are always friendly, unlike at Walmart where they’re ALWAYS grumpy.

  • Walmart produce contains GMO and is treated improperly before going to the store.

    Aldis is GMO free and their produce taste better. I rather shop at Aldis than Walmart any day of the week because it healthier and their branded food has absolutely zero GMO.

  • The Aldis over here in Middletown NY always has better prices than the Walmart down the street… and lets be honest, when you walk into a Walmart, their have isles of junk food, frozen food packed full of sodium, and produce that is contaminated with GMO’s and chemicals. Do you want to buy your food at the same place that sells chemicals, TV’s and cheap clothing? Aldis is GMO free, they have better prices, better produce, a much small selection of junk food, the best selection of real cheese, and Aldi has wonderful European imported foods. Aldis also has occasional seasonal surprises that show up on the shelf’s every once in awhile.

  • Aldi sells those little frozen chicken with cheese and Broccoli stuffed in it… THOSE ARE SOOOO GOOOD… and its real chicken, not fake. The price is very good on it as well.

  • I used to buy the Glad stetchy trash bags, but one day I was in Aldi and bought their trash bags instead and to my surprise the Aldi trash bag was WAY stronger than the Glad bags. Ever since then, I’ve been buying the Aldi’s bags instead.

  • Where I live (Birmingham, AL area), store-brand milk at Walmart is MUCH more expensive than the milk at ALDI.

  • I shop at Aldi for the majority of my list. Everything else I purchase from Kroger. I never go to Walmart unless they have a sale, and I only buy the one specific item that I need. If I need general merchandise, I’d choose Meijer over Walmart any day.

  • I’m not sure where the author lives, but in my experience you can’t beat Aldi. I live near Atlanta and we have a Walmart and an Aldi both 1/4 of a mile from my house. Walmart is at least 25% more in price per shopping cart. I’ve compared many times and get pissed that I’m overpaying. The only reason I go to Walmart now is when Aldi doesn’t have the item I need. They are a little limited on selection.

  • The pricing are all obsolete. Plus, there is now a savings catcher from walmart. If they found a price lower than the one you purchased, they will refund you the difference. I will still go for walmart.

    • Yes, Savings catcher is nice for name brand items, but WalMart doesn’t price compare with savings catcher on things like fresh produce, fresh meat, and store brand stuff. If you bought Walmart brand spaghetti and Aldi brand spaghetti was cheaper, savings catcher wouldn’t catch it because it doesn’t look at store brands.

  • I did my own comparison of prices between ALDI and Walmart on my blog a while back, and here locally, ALDI costs MUCH less than Walmart. For example, a gallon of milk here at Walmart is almost $1 more than a gallon of milk at ALDI. So a lot of this may depend on where you live. Walmart here does not live up to its slogan of “always the low price.”

  • My year of shopping at Aldi’s was in suburban Chicago in the late 1980’s, when Aldi’s was “the stock-up store”. The bread (a quarter a loaf) was cardboard, so I didn’t buy it; the limited produce (onions, potatoes, sometimes one or two other vegs) was always bottom-of-the-barrel; there were no recognizable name brands, although I understand how the manufacture of private brands in the food & clothing industries works; some of the canned items (“Happy Harvest”) were ok but you always had to watch out for stems, hulls, and so forth. After the health department nailed them for a rodent infestation in the warehouse I swore I would never go back. From what I’m seeing lately I can only hope they’ve improved, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

  • Whoever wrote this article is DEFINETLY a huge fan of Wal-Mart. Crest foods alone is by far cheaper than Wal-Mart. Aldi not only is cheaper than Wal-Mart. Aldi is cheaper than Crest too. The produce & dairy is fresher at Aldi. Aldi is cheaper with speciality meats, canned broth, almond milk, yogurt, string cheese, organics, gluten free, salad dressing, seafood/shrimp, produce, canned goods, specialty chocolate, baking goods, frozen vegitables, & Red-Hot Buys. I buy a large percentage of my grocies at Aldi; the small percent at Crest. If you’re like me, a coupon clipper. Aldi doesn’t accept coupons, therefore, you’d save more money buying: paper goods, cereal, dough, chips, & coffee with coupons.

  • As of 8-12-2017, ALDI (Trussville, AL.) has superior deals on the following items:

    1 dz. US grade A eggs = $0.28 !!!
    1 gal. US milk = $1.09 !!!
    5.03 oz. Greek yogurt 100 calorie w/ blueberry = $0.49
    8 pack pork sausage links = $1
    Chicken breasts US cage free = $1.89 / lb.
    Bottle of organic ketchup = $1
    Bottle of mustard = $0.89
    Canned veggies = $0.39 to $0.69
    Red grapes (from California) = $0.79 / lb.
    Bananas = $0.29 / lb.

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