Lauren's latest segment on the TODAY SHOW - The Recovering Spender Book

Lauren joins the show to talk about her new book The Recovering Spender
  • Take back control of your money, and create a simpler, happier life!

    Who is Lauren Greutman?


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    Clayton Morris Fox and Friends Anchor
    I've seen Lauren Greutman transform lives, she actually practices what she preaches and teaches others how to successfully budget, get out of debt, and have financial freedom.
    JJ Ramburg Host of Msnbc's “Your Business”
    There's a reason why so many people turn to Lauren Greutman for advice on smart financial living. She walks the walk, and brings a wealth of personal experience in everything she teaches. She's smart, resourceful, and uses her actual life story to help you rewrite yours for the better!
    Kabir Sehgal New York Times bestselling author
    The Recovering Spender is a compelling and definitive resource for those looking to reclaim their financial lives. Lauren Greutman has given us a meaningful and important book that demystifies complex financial ideas into understandable nuggets. These pages sparkle with Lauren's humor and passion.